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Hard Drive Data Recovery Tips

Here's something the hard drive manufacturers will not tell you: most, if not all hard disk drives, even subject to light or normal running conditions, will fail. They WILL break down. It's just a fact of life that we all have to deal with.

Basically, hard drive crashes or failures can happen after one year, five years or even (in rare cases we've seen) 20 years!

So, if you have a mechanical hard drive failure, you are NOT alone. These failures happen thousands of times across North America every day.

A Word Of Advice

The first thing to ask yourself when your hard drive fails is the most important question of all: How important is my data? It sounds silly, maybe, but the actions you take to recover it should reflect your data's overall importance, and not just a "dollars and cents" cost that may seem high compared to the cost of the hard disk drive itself.

If your data is not very important: This is simple. If you have a few documents that you can afford to lose, you may just want to replace the drive, get a hold of some operating system restoration disks, and start over.

Additionally, if your drive is in a newer computer system, it may be covered by warranty. But understand this: data recovery is NEVER covered under warranty.

When you send your drive or laptop back to Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Apple or whichever manufacturer your computer is made by, they WILL NOT retrieve your data.

Instead, they will send you a new drive, typically with a blank operating system. Your files will be gone forever.

So why not get a free evaluation here, or call us at 1-866-341-4374?

If Your Data IS Important

If this is the case, you do have an important decision to make. If your data is just not worth risking, your decision is simple: call a professional. Whether that's Hard Drive Recovery Group, or another data recovery service, it matters not.

The only way to guarantee that you will be able to retrieve all of your files when your hard drive has failed (and is perhaps is making clicking noises) is to have a professional safely clone the drive, and then recover the cloned data. This is something that ONLY a professional can do.

But What Can I Do? I'm Pretty Handy With Tools...

The above statement is something we hear on a daily basis. And the answer is, there are a million techniques that webmasters and Youtube amateurs will tell you is going to get you your data back within the hour.

The problem with these techniques?

The big problem with all of the do-it-yourself stuff on the Internet is that it ALWAYS fails to mention that most DIY recovery attempts fail and fail miserably.

Everyday, we receive at least a few drives that have been opened, and more than half of them are COMPLETELY UNRECOVERABLE. What's more, the recoverable drives are now far more expensive to recover because of the self-inflicted damage!

This is because hard disks are extremely sensitive. There is ALWAYS going to be somebody that will want to sell you a new PCB board or drive head, or tell you it's safe to put your hard disk drive in the freezer or assure you that a couple of hammer hits to the case should fix everything, lickety-split!

The result is always bad. Exceptions to this rule are extremely RARE!

So whatever the case may be, when your hard drive fails, whether it is in your laptop, on a simple PC or (ESPECIALLY) when it's in your server, it is critical to understand that professional hard drive data recovery is not only available, but is your best choice.

A free evaluation will at least give you some idea of what you're dealing with.

If you think you may need hard drive data recovery, consult this checklist:

1. Are you just missing a few files or have a disk read error, or is your computer not booting properly? This may not signify a physical failure.
2. Is your hard drive (or computer) making clicking noises?
3. When booting, does your computer see your hard drive, or does it provide you with an error of some kind?
4. What were you doing when you first encountered the data or hard drive loss?
5. Did you experience what many in the PC industry call "the blue screen of death"? If you had, what was the error message?

Once you have the answers to these five simple questions, you are ready to determine whether or not you need hard disk recovery software-based, or physical hard drive data recovery.

Our data recovery technicians answer the phone 24 hours a day, and can usually determine the root of your data loss within five minutes or less.

Get a fast, free evaluation here.

Are You The 8%?

One more important fact to consider: 1 out of every 12 customers that calls our engineer discovers a tip, an instruction or a trick that repairs their drive problem immediately. It's a nice side effect of the fact that not all hard disk failures are what they seem.

And our experience means we can provide that kind of support - absolutely free. And if we can't fix your drive over the phone, we can at least suggest a way forward.

To determine whether you have a physically damaged hard drive that requires hard drive recovery, simply call 1-866-341-4374, or click here to obtain a quick hard drive data recovery evaluation.

Remember the Hard Drive Recovery Group promise: we recover your hard drive, and if for some reason we can not provide you with data recovery, you pay nothing. It's a simple promise, but it has made the difference for thousands of our clients in the United States, Canada and Worldwide.

Click here to request a free data recovery quote.

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