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Hard drives, no matter which way you slice it, aren't getting any less popular. They are in all of the gadgets we currently use, and let us perform things that would have seemed miraculous just a short while ago. And yet, one basic fact remains: hard drives are prone to failure, and when physical crashes occur, hard disk data recovery services become necessary.

The lack of permanence in hard disk technology has been a real boon to the hard drive data recovery service sector. The sheer number of shops has grown exponentially over the past 10 years, which is a bit of a double-edged sword.

While this has greatly lowered hard disk recovery prices in general, and ensured that the big players have continually had to compete with the smaller shops when it comes to service, the incredible amount of third tier players has forever changed the industry.

Make No Mistake With Hard Disk Data Recovery Services

If you've gotten caught up with a smoking hard drive, or find yourself in HDD failure hell, it's important to pause for a moment before you start looking for help.

Put down the Yellow Pages, first of all. Rarely is there a "data recovery" section, and you're likely barking up the wrong tree if you're in the computer repair section. Many people make the mistake of taking their broken hard disk to a computer repair shop, only to discover they really don't even offer the service, but outsource it.

And yet, mostly due to ill-informed users, computer repair shops are by far one of the biggest market share takers the industry has ever seen. The reasons for this are simple: Computer Repair, despite the fact that it is massively different than actual physical hard disk recovery, seems close enough as a concept to non-technical people.

Meanwhile, computer repair technicians will pretty much never turn down a job, no matter its complexity. They confidently state: "yes, no problem, just bring in your computer and we'll fix it for you". To the uninformed user, this sounds like a perfect scenario: a shop close to their home that can get back all of those critical business files on their drive.

The truth, however, is quite different. Pretty close to 99% of computer fix-it shops don't even provide data recovery services in house.

No Time For Amateurs

Looking to avoid a ton of hassle and ensure you spend as little money as possible? A clear and obvious tip is simply to look at your target company's name. Do you see the words: "Computer Repair" in it? If you do, run for the hills. These are not a data recovery experts or specialists, and probably shouldn't be anywhere near your failed hard disk. If your drive has experienced a physical crash, understand right away that only an experienced professional will be able to effectively retrieve your data. Don't settle for anything less.

Need to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to data retrieval? One simple question will do it all, and that is: "How many drives do you recover each week?" Wait for a pause here. The reaction of the technician you are speaking to will tell you a lot about the experience and the professionalism of the shop you're dealing with.

Use your best judgment, but remember this: in the hard drive recovery service industry, the more expert your provider, the less it's going to cost you.

When your system is just not booting at all, or your drive is making loud noises, or no noise at all (and no disk drive light activation), it is quite likely you have experienced a failure that means you will definitely professional hard drive repair.

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