Interesting note this morning on Seagate’s Momentus XL, which is a hybrid SSD and platter based hard drive. Seems it was quite hyped coming up to its launch. Weird fact is that users are saying that it is subject to the failures of both drive architectures, meaning a lot of buzzing and clicking capped with some circuit issues that SSD drives feature.SSD drive recovery remains a need for new adopters.

Unfortunately, hybrids are still subject to failure, without a doubt. The platter and spindle architecture remains much as it was in the 1990s, with a few tweaks here and there. And although the flash part of the drive doesn’t have as many mechanical parts which can fail, they also can break down.

A Popular SSD Myth

One of the more popular myths lately has been that SSD hard drives are failure proof. That they simply cannot fail, if only because they don’t have the number of mechanical parts that classic conventional drives do. This, of course, is wrong. Flash based Solid-State hard drives can, and do fail, and quite often. While there are no head crashes or motor breakdowns in these drive structures, the switches within these drives are still subject to issues brought on by water damage, heavy usage, and particularly electrical overload.

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Remember: these are still man-made devices. And although SSD drives have definitely become more robust as time has passed, they are still very subject to mechanical problems.