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Hard Disk Utilities

If there is one product on the market today that has harmed our customers the most, it has to be hard disk utilities. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we understand that these hard disk software products are created to help. And certainly, in the case of defragmenting, and checking errors, we can highly recommend many Windows-based hard disk utilities. The problem is this: when hard drive damage or hard disk crash occurs, these tools can often make the situation far worse than it has to be. There are a number of reasons why hard disk utilities can be your greatest enemy in times of hard drive crash, and that these are not technically hard drive recovery software products at all!

Windows XP Recovery

One of the best hard disk utilities available for your Microsoft Windows PC is the Windows XP recovery tool itself. This is not really a hard disk recovery tool per se, more than it is an operating system recovery tool. It was created by Microsoft, to recover Microsoft operating system failures. And it works. In most cases. This is one of the few hard disk recovery products on the market today which we can recommend. What's more, it is available for free. We certainly recommend that you read more about it here on the Microsoft web site.

Why Recovery Can Kill

Many hard disk utilities available on the market today were created for hard disk drive which are working to 100% effectiveness. This means they held optimize your hard disks file system to ensure your hard drives are performing at their best. They can even help prevent hard disk damage over the long term, as disk errors and fragmentation can often lead to underperforming or overheating hard drives.

The danger comes when he seem hard disk utilities are used in a situation where the hard drive platters themselves are damaged. A simple buzzing or clicking sound can be a telltale symptom that all is not right with your hard disk drive. Attempting to use hard disk utilities in cases like this often can not only delete files you need recovered permanently, they can also agitate current hard disk damage and make it worse.

When ever you experience symptoms such as the Windows blue screen of death, combined with buzzing or clicking noises coming from your hard disk drive, ensure that you contact a professional first. Using your hard disk utilities can actually hurt the chances of you recovering data, and can in fact increase the expense of the hard drive data recovery job.

A Free Call Can Help

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, our data recovery technicians are experienced with almost every form of hard drive data loss. A call to us is completely free, and can certainly point you on the way to retrieving any files or data you may have lost. We offer a simple guarantee: data recovered or its free. Very few competitors offer such a strong guarantee, but it has been one of the key advantages of Hard Drive Recovery Group since we began serving customers over 15 years ago.

Contact us now and join the ranks of thousands of satisfied data recovery customers.

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