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NTFS Recovery

NTFS, otherwise known to Windows 10 and various Microsoft Operating System users as the file system of choice or “New Technology File System”, from which its acronym comes. The file system is well known because of its somewhat ubiquitous use, plus the fact that it has much more robust properties than the old FAT and FAT32 systems which most Windows environments used.

With many NTFS systems, NTFS recovery is simple and easy. With the Windows 10 environment, as an example, a system and disk restore function is included within the operating system. So in many cases, you NTFS file systems can be recovered within minutes, and despite initial panic you may experience, can be returned intact, with much of your data.

About NTFS Partitions

Similar to FAT partitions, NTFS partitions reserve the first sector of your hard drive for the critical boot information your computer needs. If in some way your master boot record or partition table has been damaged, your OS will not be able to read the partition and thus access files contained within.

One of the many advantages of the NTFS file system is that it keeps a backup copy of the master boot record and partition table on the final sector of the partition. The bonus here is that data recovery software programs of quality are designed specifically to recover this information in cases of hard disk failure or disaster.

The difference between NTFS and FAT is that although all boot information is kept on the first sector on FAT drives, no backup copy of the partition information is. So when you experience the need for FAT recovery, things can be much more difficult.

On most Windows 10 or Windows Server partitions, the first single file stored is known as the Master File Table or MFT. This particular file basically act as a table of contents for your hard drive listing specific filenames, properties, and specific sector locations of files saved on your hard disk partition. Every time your operating system accesses a file, it has to look to this master file table to determine where your data is stored.

The additional benefit of NTFS is that it always stores a backup of the master file table. This makes it rather easy to recover when a disaster has occurred. What’s more, it often means that file loss does not require the services of professionals like a Hard Drive Recovery Group, as hard drive repairs can be simply accomplished using data recovery software.

FAT partitions, meanwhile, use a very similar type of file, except it is called the file allocation table. Although this file allocation table is also backed up on your hard drive, its major downfall is the fact that it must be located in any specific sector on your hard disk drive in order for it to function properly. If your hard drive failure is because that particular sector has been damaged, recovering your file allocation table can be a tough job.

Getting Into The NTFS Recovery Functions

NTFS recovery (which is in effect a form of data recovery for Windows) can often be performed with a simple and quick use of the Windows NTFS recovery system. But, there are certainly issues wherein it can actually become more of a difficult file system to deal with than the old specifications, namely FAT and FAT32.

What if, as an example, your file allocation table goes down? Or your file system corrupts, which is an action which occurs in many hard drives across the world on a daily basis, whether through everyday use or human error. In this case, using the old FAT systems and older operating systems such as Windows 98 and 95, it was always possible to attempt recovery using the simple “startup disk” of old.

The DOS environment was still a hugely powerful environment with those particular operation systems, and FAT data recovery proved often to be quite easy.

Main issue with NTFS recovery, and some of the new operating systems using NTFS, which for PC users includes Windows 10 users, is that these operating systems are NOT DOS based environments. And what’s worse, when attempting to use a Windows 98 startup disk to load the environment on your hard drive, you may actually be able to access DOS, but DOS cannot access your NTFS system. This means frequently, at least without specialized data recovery software, NTFS recovery can be close to impossible.

Our NTFS Software

That’s why NTFS file recovery is one of the services we offer at Hard Drive Recovery Group. In cases where the NTFS partitions on your hard drive are damaged, your hard drive itself is physically damaged or whether you have accidentally deleted a file, we can help. Depending on the situation, we may be able to offer you a simple and inexpensive NTFS file recovery software download that can recover your missing files.

Just like in other file systems, it is vital not to download any NTFS file recovery software directly onto your computer. This will be overwrite other files you have saved on your computer, and may permanently delete the missing files you want recovered. When using file recovery software, be sure that it operates solely from a disk or CD so that it isn’t overwriting your missing data.

We have seen many cases where clients send us their hard drives after downloading recovery software and we are unable to recover all of their data as a result.

NTFS With RAID Recovery

NTFS and RAID data recovery can be complicated which is why you should rely on a technician to assess the damage and come up with a solution to the problem. Too often, we have witnessed scenarios where clients have panicked and tried to recover data themselves, using downloadable NTFS recovery and RAID recovery software. This will only exacerbate the problem.

If a virus, a technical glitch or simple human error has caused your system to crash, you need the help of our expert technicians. They work around the clock to ensure that emergency data loss problems are resolved quickly. Plus, we keep you up-to-date on any and all developments relating to your software loss. We understand the anxiety and stress that comes with data loss, which is why we have recruited the top technicians.

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we will not charge you for work done if no data can be retrieved. So, if your RAID or NTFS systems have crashed or if you require enterprise level services such as Oracle data recovery, please contact us.

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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!