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RAID 10 Data Recovery by HDRG

RAID 10 is a popular enterprise RAID system for many reasons, but mainly because its robust structure actually consists of a Stripe of RAID 1 mirrors, with a RAID 0 setup created over top.

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This enables not only superior replication and shared data, but also simpler seek and read operations, as well as simple rebuilding in case of single HDD failure; a recipe for easy RAID 10 data recovery. This configuration combines the high speed of RAID 0 with the data redundancy features of RAID 1, all without the need for parity calculations.

While RAID 10 theoretically can tolerate multiple drive failures (although we would hasten to say that efforts should always be immediately made to correct RAID hard drive failures; leaving them to their own devices can be expensive), RAID 10 systems typically can fail catastrophically – most often in situations where physical damage is present, such as in the case of fire, flooding and other natural disaster.

Special Applications For RAID 10

RAID 10 systems are typically used for processor-heavy applications such as Oracle databases and MS exchange. The overall positives inherent in the RAID 10 setup makes them the perfect choice because of the rebuild ease. But in cases where the RAID 10 array has failed, regular users can sometimes be stymied by the complexity, and should not attempt RAID 10 data recovery. Particularly in cases of RAID controller failure or server registry loss, most IT professionals do not have the experience nor the tools to perform a successful RAID repair.

Experts Recovering RAID 0 to 50

Hard Drive Recovery Group RAID repair technicians have years of experience recovering failed hard drives from systems running RAID 0 all the way up to RAID 50. As one of the few RAID recovery-specialists in the industry, we also have access to special Department of Defense-level critical shipping services which enables us to pickup and deliver RAID systems throughout the United States within 24 hours. Only two other shops can provide this 24 hour RAID 10 data recovery service, and none can provide it with the cost effectiveness that Hard Drive Recovery Group offers.

Never guess whether or not a hard drive recovery shop can recover RAID systems; know for sure before you contact them. Always make sure that RAID is one of their key services, and request testimonials. Remember that RAID data is the most critical an enterprise has, and that it should only be trusted to an expert. Hard Drive Recovery Group is your RAID 10 data recovery expert.
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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!