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RAID 5 Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Group specializes in corporate level server and RAID data recovery services and can restore and recover data from your RAID 5, SAN, NAS, Snap Server, MS Exchange and other professional level servers. Our RAID recovery labs feature terabyte capable servers to ensure that each data restoration is handled quickly, and with complete safety.

Trust Experience First

With over 15 years of experience recovering RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 servers, Hard Drive Recovery Group offers professional RAID recovery with a difference. With the data recovery industry adding new inexperienced shops each year, we provide the kind of guaranteed, customer-centric service that is necessary when mission critical servers go down.

Hard Drive Recovery Group can offer you immediate work references so you can check on our results. We encourage all RAID recovery clients to check up on their data recovery provider. Beware of lofty claims – ask for references BEFORE you do anything…Click here to get a RAID recovery quote.

Repair RAID 5 with Software?

One of the most popular (and sadly, effective) IT scams on the Internet today is the RAID repair software scam. The trick with these RAID data recovery software products is that they have a huge upfront cost, and despite promising the recovery of data using special data scanning technologies, and the ability to recover data from mechanically failed hard disk drives (which, as data simply cannot be accessed from a failed hard drive, is absolutely impossible), these claims are inherently false.

By offering no warranty or guarantee that these data recovery software applications will actually work, all it takes is your credit card number, and these operators are immediately anywhere from $250 to $1000 richer! Never be afraid to call a professional first when you are considering such a product.

RAID 5 – A Professional, Alternating Parity Solution

As far as enterprise level storage solutions go, RAID 5 is one of the most popular, mainly due to its combination of true data redundancy and drive space optimization. Data access and throughput are typically quite high, as multiple disks are used, all managed together using what is called a parity block.RAID 5 combines the advantages of RAID 0 and 1 by using striping, but breaking these strips into blocks. Each stripe in a RAID 5 array is not a data block per say, as it is a parity block. Typically, these systems can survive the loss of one drive. But two drives lost in a RAID 5 system typically kill the array.

The failure of a hard disk drive in your RAID 5 array may not be an issue. In fact, in many cases a RAID controller will simply operate the array in a slightly degraded mode, offering less performance, but ensuring similar characteristics.

One issue which does often occur, however, is when the RAID controller assumes that the failed drive is still functioning, and attempts to force that RAID drive online. This can corrupt data, and throw the RAID array into disarray.

Recovering a RAID 5 System has a number of potential pitfalls:

Incorrect Drive Marking – During drive failures, RAID cards can typically mismark a drive, which can mean failed drives can be forced “online”, thus further damaging the array.

Second Drive Failures – Sometimes, first RAID drive failures can go unnoticed, and the system can continue to function without much loss in performance. But when a second hard drive in a RAID 5 configuration fails, losses can be severe. Additionally, when two drives are down, it can be quite difficult to determine (without professional help, that is) which drive contains the freshest data.

Automatic Rebuild Errors – Sometimes a RAID utility can simply choose the wrong drive to rebuild from, and can as a result corrupt the entire array!

Drive Disorder – Sometimes, through human error, drives can be placed in an enclosure out of order. This can cause havoc with the system, as previous access points and parity blocks come into question if not outright fail.

Professional Help Is Here

These are the main causes of RAID 5 failure that require data recovery. But there are others. Remember that at Hard Drive Recovery Group, a consultation is always free. Don’t take chances when it comes to your mission critical RAID-stored data. Call us first.Click here to request a free RAID data recovery quote.

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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!