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RAID Drive Recovery by HDRG

No matter which way you slice it, RAID drive recovery is one of the most complex forms of data recovery services today. Because a RAID system consists of more than just a single hard disk drive, professional care must be taken not only to extract the data from the RAID drive for recovery, but also to rebuild the RAID array safely, and without data loss on the other drives within the array.

RAID hard drive failure is a difficult situation for any company to be in. Because many RAID hdd configurations are set up specifically for redundancy on mission critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange servers or Oracle database servers, restoring them can mean the difference between profit and loss for many companies. But RAID drive failure is not necessarily an emergency issue.

Single Failed RAID Drives and the Simple RAID Repair

While RAID 0 and RAID 1 systems cannot typically stand the loss of a single hard drive and continue to function, they are fortunately not incredibly popular in corporate enterprise server applications. Instead, RAID 5 and up are typically the system of choice for those that want the best in not only data redundancy and backup, but speed.

With RAID 5, a RAID hd can fail or crash without actually corrupting the system. In fact, because of its distributed parity, a single drive failure in RAID 5 will typically not show a loss of drive to the end user, but continue to run as normal. The danger in this, of course, is that the failed drive is not placed immediately. Failing to replace the drive immediately may cause data loss, however, as inevitably (being mechanical devices), another second RAID hd will crash.

Hard Drive Recovery Group and Your RAID

The data recovery engineers at Hard Drive Recovery Group have a wide range of experience recovering raid drives of all configurations. This includes RAID systems based around Linux, Windows, Sun, Mac and other operating systems. This includes RAID controllers such as 3ware, Intel, Perc, Promise, Adaptec, Highpoint and many others. We have also worked on RAID systems from 0 up to RAID 50. Basically, if you have a RAID configuration failure, we can fix it. And we back that promise with a guarantee that you only pay for recovered data. Basically, if we can’t repair your RAID, we won’t charge you.

Fixing a RAID in failed state is never a good idea for a non-professional. RAID drive recovery is a service which should only be provided by experienced, equipped professional shops like Hard Drive Recovery Group. Remember that an assessment is always free. Call us today.

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We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!