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RAID Drive Repair from HDRG

The loss of a RAID hard drive may not always require RAID drive repair. In fact, because RAID’s key benefit is in its Redundancy, in most cases a single drive lost does not mean complete loss of the RAID array. In fact, all it usually means is a degradation in the performance of the RAID. What’s more, the higher the RAID, RAID 10 and above as an example, the less the performance degradation. This in itself has its own issues.

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Failing to repair a link in the RAID system can provide its own issues particularly at higher RAID levels. A RAID 50, as an example, will not show very perceptible data performance loss. While on one hand this is one of the advantages of higher level RAIDs, on the other hand, it can be its own curse. A limited loss of performance may encourage a system admin to continue to run his RAID array with a single lost drive, as the degradation “seems” unimportant. And, while somewhat true, the single drive loss can be easily repaired (without actually sending a drive in for RAID drive repair), simply by replacing it. A silent issue, though, continues to lurk behind the scenes.

The Lurking Danger

The true danger of running a RAID system with a failed hard disk drive is because it opens the system up to total failure. A second failed hard drive in the system, particularly in RAIDs with several hard disks, is the true danger here, and greatly increase the price of RAID recovery from the simple cost of a new hard drive, to a labor intensive clean-room requiring professional job. When you run your RAID with one failed drive, you are greatly endangering the whole system, which can bring down not only the server, but your business.

Important Data Concerns

The often laissez-faire attitude of system administrators towards RAID drive repairs is startling considering the importance of the data stored on most RAID systems. In many corporate environments, NAS or SAN networks, mission-critical Oracle databases and Microsoft Exchange 5.5 servers are run only on RAID devices. Losing data and the input environment of any of these sorts of programs can result in major losses of productivity and increased costs.

Hard Drive Recovery Group specializes in RAID data recovery of all kinds. We have been providing RAID drive and system repairs since the first RAID came out on the market, and have made it our key focus. Our cost structure remains one of the lowest for RAID restoration and repairs in the United States.

Our RAID hard drive recovery technicians are some of the most experienced in the industry, with certification from all vendors, including Lacie, Promise, Dell, HP, IBM and all major, and most minor manufacturers. As an additional benefit to our customers, we are one of three providers in the United States to offer 24 hour RAID repair pickup and delivery. We specialize in getting complicated RAID systems up fast, and then ensuring they are returned and working within 24 hours. No data recovered, no cost.

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We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!