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Repair RAID 5

Despite being effectively one of the most cost effective data redundancy tools to ever grace the IT industry, the RAID 5 setup is by no means completely faultless. In fact, there are more ways that a RAID 5 may fail than you might think. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we have seen literally hundreds of ways a RAID 5 structure can come unhinged. Fortunately, there are also a number of ways to repair RAID 5 servers.

Our RAID data recovery technicians are trained not only by major RAID vendors, but also through the hundreds of RAID recoveries we process every month. Experience, when attempting to recover precious data, makes a big difference.
Repair RAID 5 with Software?

One of the most popular (and sadly, effective) IT scams on the Internet today is the RAID repair software scam. The trick with these RAID data recovery software products is that they have a huge upfront cost, and despite promising the recovery of data using special data scanning technologies, and the ability to recover data from mechanically failed hard disk drives (which, as data simply cannot be accessed from a failed hard drive, is absolutely impossible), these claims are inherently false.

By offering no warranty or guarantee that these data recovery software applications will actually work, all it takes is your credit card number, and these operators are immediately anywhere from $250 to $1000 richer! Never be afraid to call a professional first when you are considering such a product.

RAID 5 The Perfect Solution?

Because RAID 5 uses a stripe broken into parity blocks, it is far more complex than a simple RAID 1 array, which merely mirrors the data. Performance increases are also seen with a RAID 5 server array, simply because it can leverage the power of anywhere from three to as many hard disk drives as you require.

This increase in speed and throughput makes RAID 5 a perfect solution in many cases, particularly with smaller companies with smaller network needs. But issues can occur, as nothing in data storage is perfect, and RAID 5 repair is necessary in many cases.
Potential RAID 5 Recovery Scenarios

The failure of a hard disk drive in your RAID 5 array may not be an issue. In fact, in many cases a RAID controller will simply operate the array in a slightly degraded mode, offering less performance, but ensuring similar characteristics. One issue which does often occur, however, is when the RAID controller assumes that the failed drive is still functioning, and attempts to force that RAID drive online. This can corrupt data, and throw the RAID array into disarray.

In cases where a single drive failure occurs and the RAID continues to operate as a degraded RAID 5 solution, the potential of a second hard disk drive failure is very high. The loss of a second hard disk drive in a RAID 5 array virtually guarantees the need for professional RAID 5 repair services such as those offered by Hard Drive Recovery Group.

Two major, but no less important RAID failure causes, include attempting to rebuild a RAID array using the incorrect drive as a rebuild point, and the moving of hard drives within the array. These issues are typical user error problems, but do often require professional RAID 5 repair help.

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, our engineers are trained to assess your RAID 5 server and then provide the safest, most complete RAID 5 repair and recovery possible. Our experience can make the difference between a full recovery, and a recovery malfunction from a fledgling data recovery provider.

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We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!