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SAN Data Recovery

Storage Area Network or SAN architectures can be extremely complicated storage solution that can be very difficult to recover. However, as with anything, experience brings the knowledge to perform SAN data recovery, and nowhere else in the data recovery industry is this more important.

Proven Storage Area Network (SAN) Experience
Hard Drive Recovery Group SAN engineers are dedicated to providing cost-effective, time-efficient recovery solutions so that your business can be back on line in often 24-48 hours. SAN recovery is often a very complex process, and should always be performed professionally by an experienced shop.

SAN Defined

Storage Area Networks feature an architecture which enables the user to attach several remote storage devices such as RAID arrays, data tape libraries and optical drives to servers and then access those drives as if they were part of the server itself. This can be key for businesses that have multi-geography storage needs, as there is simply not the transport and installation needs of a single server system.

The Drawback

While the shared nature of SANs can provide many interesting efficiencies and advantages to the end-user, they can also become troublesome. With the ability to incorporate such devices as RAID servers and Network Attached Storage devices (NAS), among other elements, a breakdown of a single device can hamper the entire SAN’s performance and effectiveness. Additionally, the larger and more complex a SAN, the higher likelihood of failure.

If a component of your SAN has failed, there are a few necessary steps you can take:

First of all, don’t panic. No matter how catastrophic the scenario might be (even if there is water or fire damaged hard drive), it CAN be fixed by an experienced professional.
Ensure the failed device is powered off. You would be surprised how much damage a device can do to itself simply by maintaining power.
Attempting to self repair a physically damaged device almost ALWAYS fails. Do not make the same expensive mistake others have made.
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Professional Help Is Here

Remember that Hard Drive Recovery Group offers a free consultation and never charges unless data is recovered. Our SAN recovery engineers are ready to help you get your data back as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let us show you the Hard Drive Recovery Difference.

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We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!