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SAN Tape Recovery from HDRG

Of all forms of data recovery, SAN tape recovery is one of the specialties at Hard Drive Recovery that comes up the least, while often being the most important. Because of the complexity of SAN (Storage Area Network) setups, SAN tape recovery has a critical importance: SAN tapes are frequently the life preserver when RAID hard drive failure or exchange server failures occur. So when a SAN tape failure occurs, it may seem as if there is no hope. Hard Drive Recovery, however, provides that hope.

Tape Recovery Experience

Hard Drive Recovery Group’s focus on high end data recovery tasks such as RAID array repair, Exchange server data recovery and Oracle Raid server recovery has meant that our corporate clients trust us with all of their complex jobs, and SAN tape recovery certainly fits that category. Our tape data recovery technicians have over 25 years of tape recovery experience, and have dealt with a variety of tape formats, from 4mm to DAT, DDS-DDS4, along with others which include:

Super DLT, DLT7000, DLT8000, DLT II, DLT III and DLT IV
SLR and MLR data cartridges
Reel to reel data tapes
QIC mini cartridge tapes
inch tape reels
Seagate AIT, OnStream, ADR and Travan Tapes
And many many more

The Process

Once you have provided us with your SAN tape or tapes, we thoroughly study the tape for physical damage first, as most tape recovery jobs we see are the direct result of mechanical damage due to tape machine malfunctions. We begin working with your tape by creating a direct image of the data available on the tape and working with that image – this ensures that we can pull as much data from the tape as possible without putting the original cartridge and data at risk.

Once we have discovered the most cost effective form of SAN tape recovery for you, we contact you for job approval. Once you have given us work approval, our experienced data recovery technicians will be with you every step of the way; ensuring your piece of mind during your stressful time.

We work with all major backup formats and typically can provide your recovered data on the format of your choice, including DLT or, as is often the case, on an HDD itself.

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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!