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HDRG’s RAID Data Recovery Service

A not so typical RAID 10 setup

RAID hard drive failure is a difficult situation for any company to be in. Because many RAID hard disk drive configurations are set up specifically for redundancy on mission critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange servers or Oracle database servers, restoring them can mean the difference between profit and loss for many companies. But RAID drive failure is not necessarily an emergency issue.

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Although RAID array systems offer superb performance and increase speed and availability of data, they can and do fail under certain circumstances. Hard Drive Recovery Group has extensive experience with RAID data recovery, on both spanned and striped RAID systems.

In most cases, we require only the drives or storage devices to recover the data, and because of the high importance of most RAID systems, we consider them a top priority – which means much quicker hard drive data recovery and return of your data immediately.

Single Failed RAID Drives and the Simple RAID Repair

If you’ve arrived at this page looking for a RAID recovery service, you’ve come to the right place. First, congratulations for doing the search. Many IT administrators automatically assume that they are up to the job when it comes to all computer problems, including RAID array and hard drive failures. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, especially if the issue is an actual mechanical hard drive issue, this is not the case.

Lets face it, RAID servers are only set up in that configuration because they contain important data like Microsoft Exchange Servers, Oracle or SAP data. Recovering mission critical data is the number one priority of Hard Drive Recovery Group, and we have all the tools to do it safely.

Choosing The Right RAID Recovery Service

Calling on the right service when your RAID server crashes is key to ensuring your data is safe and recoverable. In the past handful of years, the data recovery industry has exploded with new competition, essentially smaller computer shops equipped with data recovery software looking to take in volumes of business at low prices. This kind of data recovery service is somewhat like rolling the dice in Vegas you may get your data, or you may not, but for prices like $99 (in some extreme cases), it seems like a fair gamble to some people.

If you’re looking for a professional RAID data recovery service, however, a gamble is probably not what you want to take. You probably want a team of RAID recovery engineers with the experience that comes with recovering hundreds of RAID servers a month for over a decade.
You probably want a shop that has a Class 100 clean room, if only to be assured that your RAID server recovery will be done in a professional, risk free environment.

You probably want to deal with a company that will keep you informed all the way, and pickup and drop off your RAID server within 24 hours. If those are all the case, you are likely looking for a shop like HDRG.

RAID Array Failures

As an award winning RAID data recovery service, we see thousands of RAID recovery jobs annually. Circumstances vary widely, as might be expected, but at the core of any RAID failure is drive loss or failure within the array.

An important fact to note if you have a RAID 5 and above system is that if a single hard drive fails, whether it be simply corrupted or physically burned out, your RAID array may be very recoverable using software provided by you RAID controller manufacturer. When this is the case, we still recommend you work with someone familiar with the process, but certainly this is a case where you can recover your failed RAID on your own.

Double Trouble

With a double RAID hard disk drive failure, you’re likely out of luck on a do it yourself basis. Calling a professional is likely your only avenue if you want to recover the data. This is because special tools are required, and certainly in cases where hard disk drives have physically failed, they must be restored first and imaged even before recovery can begin. We warn against attempting to recover a dual drive failure RAID only because so many of our clients do so and many corrupt the array to the point where little, or even NO data can be recovered.

The RAID Data Recovery Process

When recovering data from RAID 10 arrays, or even RAID 5 recovery, we typically mirror the complete drive volumes and then process the total array as image files, to ensure all of your data is safe. Once we have recovered the data to our data recovery servers, we evaluate the array images to determine if corruption has occurred, and work on repairing it. Our proprietary software extracts data from the image files, or if a drive image is difficult to create, we simply reconstruct the data in the same way that a RAID rebuild process is performed.

During all stages, we closely monitor the array configuration and array file system to determine why exactly the array failed. This information may be critical to future RAID systems your company may set up.

Ready 24 Hours A Day

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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!