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Recover Data By Yourself - A Good Idea?

It really depends. In some cases, where you may have just misplaced a file or a small piece of data, utility programs such as McAffee and Norton can provide you with help. They can, however, also worsen your predicament, so ensure that you use the UNDO feature when using either programs.

Although most disk utilities are superb proactive tools to ensure that your data is safe and can be helpful with slight data problems, they also can be dangerous. What their developers do not tell you is that in some cases of extreme data loss or corruption, they can render your data completely unrecoverable. The following instructions will help you ensure you do not use these utilities against yourself in a case of catastrophic data loss.

If you feel the problem you are encountering can be solved using a utility, be sure you save an undo file. This will safely ensure that you can always go back if the problem is not corrected. As well, if our services are necessary, sending this file on a disk with your media will definitely aid in the recovery of your data.

On a related note, be sure that your utility actually does allow you to create and save an undo file - some lesser known programs do not have this function. As well, if you hear any unusual noises emanating from your computer, such as clicking, buzzing or scraping noises, DO NOT use a utility. This is a mistake that has cost our customers their data on more than one occasion. Be aware that these unusual sounds can indicate a damaged hard drive or complete head crash. If you do come across these sounds, shut down the computer immediately to ensure no further damage is caused to either your drive or your data. In cases like this, we may be able to have your data and drive recovered within a period of two days or less.

Recover Data Files With Our Recovery Software!

Our our recovery software product is a superior data recovery software that enables you to recover data lost due to deleted files, virus attacks and accidental formatting. As well, you can recover and restore damaged or deleted partition and boot sectors.

With Partition Recovery, your drive is restored to its previous state, meaning there is no need to perform individual file recovery. The software performs all of these data recovery functions in memory, which ensures there is no accidental data loss. Based on a 32 bit architecture and optimized for all Microsoft Windows operating systems, this product is easy to use, and offers quick, effective results.

Multi-Functional Data Recovery

Our recovery software recovers all data lost due to corrupt partition tables, accidental format or FDisk with true 32 bit results, meaning your files maintain their long file names. With this tool, you can quickly recover individual files, directories, or even partitions. All recoveries are performed quickly within memory, so that your data is safe. Simply download the program once you have purchased it, and it will be ready to go. Not sure of what to do? Give us a call and we will help you through the process. Call now at the number above.

Critical Download Note

The our recovery software program is a low level software which is contained in an executable file which runs directly from a floppy disk. This small footprint is necessary for data safety, as you can save it directly to a floppy so that none of the lost data on your drive is lost. Beware of programs which require that you install them in Windows before they can be used! With these programs, you may write over the data you are trying to recover during installation.

Remember to always recover your data to a drive or partition other than the drive from which you are recovering.

Self Recovery - A Conclusion

To sum up, if your drive is making harsh banging or clicking sounds, shut down your computer immediately! Utility programs actually worsen your ability to recover data here because they are actually compounding the physical damage to your hard disk. If, however, you commonly use the utility program you are using to recover files, and it has been effective, there is no reason why you should not use the program again.

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