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SQL Server Recovery

The SQL database is a truly powerful system used by companies large and small across North America and the world. Its flexibility, coupled with its near ubiquitous footprint, have made it a key choice for enterprise server data management and storage for the most savvy of information technology administrators.

Reliance on the SQL database system does have a double edge, however, as it is subject to file system problems of many flavors, as well as scenarios which can cause data loss. Hard Drive Recovery Group has specialized in SQL recovery (and also the productivity enhancing Microsoft exchange recovery and exchange server recovery) for quite some time, and offers this form of professional data recovery for all versions of the platform.

SQL Database Recovery Solutions

The SQL database is a superior one to many others on the market because of its wide variety of built-in recovery tools.

While the data recovery service technicians at Hard Drive Recovery Group are extremely familiar with the SQL database platform, not all occurrences of data loss or file system corruption require our services. In fact, many cases can be self diagnosed and cured using the wide variety of information available on the Web.

We do, however, offer SQL recovery consulting for administrators unfamiliar with the data errors the system is reporting. The fact is, if your SQL database is showing an unfamiliar data error which has corrupted the overall file system, contact Hard Drive Recovery Group right away. If there is the SQL file system error out there, we have likely seen it and know how to repair and recover from it.

When SQL Server Hard Drives Go Down

Although MS SQL recovery is frequently possible using knowledge and tools available on the Web today, there are certain cases where it is simply not possible to recover data from an MS SQL database failure.

When actual physical damage has occurred to the hard disk drive which stores your MS SQL database tables and information, it is usually unlikely that an IT professional, no matter how experienced, can provide MS SQL recovery (or Exchange database recovery). When internal hard disk drive components fail, either due to excessive heat, or natural disasters such as flood, all electrical shortage, or fire, the hard disk drive containing your MS SQL database must be professionally assessed by a professional data recovery service such as Hard Drive Recovery Group.

High-End Product, Critical Data

Because the SQL database is a relatively expensive and mission-critical database system, the data contained within is usually very critical to the organization which runs it.

Recovering SQL database data, especially in cases of physical hard drive failure or hard disk crash, should never be attempted by a nonprofessional. While administrators might volunteer to repair the hard drive which contains the SQL database by themselves, this is never recommended. Unless this IT professional has access to a clean room, and has a variety of hard drive repair experience, recovering a SQL database when it has encountered physical hard drive problems can prove incredibly dangerous to enterprise data.

Much as personal computer hard disk drive recovery and laptop data recovery will often become necessary, databases such as Oracle, Sybase and SQL also fail, and must have the data within them recovered. This makes these professional SQL and Oracle data recovery jobs all the more important. Some problems that occur in database servers are:

  • Boot and partition table problems
  • Virus attacks
  • File system and data corruption
  • Unavailable partitions or drives
  • Physical or mechanical hard drive failure
  • Flood or fire damage
  • Hard disk surface contamination or damage
  • Accidental or intentional deletion of data

Databases often fail through regular use, no matter how well configured the software and hardware environments are. This is why a proper data backup program is critical for businesses that use databases everyday.

Yet, even the best backup equipment and plans can fail, leaving the database corrupted, and serious access issues. Most hard disk utilities are not robust enough to recover all data, and can actually damage your data in cases of hard drive crash. Some database systems simply fail because of:

  • Backup file recognition failure or corruption
  • Virus infection
  • Locked database files
  • Missing tables
  • Deleted records
  • Corrupt DB files
  • Damaged partition tables, files or folders
  • Accidentally overwritten or deleted database files

If your company’s databases cannot be accessed or are damaged because of hard disk drive failure or OS problems, Hard Drive Recovery Group can help. Our SQL recovery technicians are extensively trained in database repair, and boast a 98% recovery rate.

A simple phone call, or data recovery quote will help us determine what course of action we should take, and whether your data loss is because of physical hard disk failure or simply a software issue. Some diagnoses we can make over the phone, and recommend a safe data recovery software product, while in many cases we will have to have the drive shipped directly to us (see media packaging instructions here).

Once we receive the hard disk drive that your SQL database is on, we will fix the database and recover data as per your request, which is of course covered by our flat rate pricing. As soon as your database (and hard drive, in mechanical failure situations) is rebuilt we ship the tested data backed up on hard drive, DVD-R or Backup Tape directly to you.

We can also upload the data to your server via FTP when speed is critical. Whichever the case, Hard Drive Recovery Group will ensure your data is returned intact and fully functional as soon as possible, often within 24 hours of receiving it.

When in doubt, ensure you contact a professional MS SQL recovery shop such as Hard Drive Recovery Group first. When it comes to data recovery service, better to be safe than sorry.

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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!