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Western Digital Data Recovery

Western Digital hard drives are very reliable but from time to time, the data on them can become inaccessible. The vast majority of occurrences will not be due to the failure of the hard drive itself but due to external factors. Occasionally it will be a hard drive fault.

So, what should you do if you have a Western Digital hard drive and you can no longer access the data? Let’s get the annoying question out of the way – Have you backed up your data? Let us, hypothetically, assume that the data has not been backed up and you need to recover that data.

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Causes of Failure For Western Digital Hard Drives

Drop or Impact

When everyone used a desktop PC, they were static and only occasionally moved. Now as more of us use laptops and external hard drives which we transport from place to place, dropping has become more likely. While this does not always cause damage to the hard drive, making the data inaccessible, it can happen.

Flood or Fire

Catastrophic disaster, such as flood or fire. Depending on the degree of damage this will not necessarily result in the total loss of all the data stored on it. It may be possible to recover some if not all of the data. This process though would require a high level of expertise on the part of the data recovery company.

Clicking or Other Unusual Noises on the Hard Drive

Noises can be sign that the hard drive is failing or if you have problems accessing your computer that the hard drive has failed mechanically. Although this is not common with Western Digital hard drives it can happen.

Accidental Deletion of System Files

It can and does happen. A system file is deleted and the computer won’t operate. If the operating system is just reinstalled this can result in all the data being lost from the hard drive.

Malicious Software

Although we are constantly warned, malicious software can, through various means, get onto our computer and damage or wipe our data.

If any of the above have occurred, please power down your machine and contact us here. If there is physical damage, powering down as soon as is possible will save you a lot of problems and money!

What To Do if Data is Lost on Your Western Digital Hard Drive

The best thing you can do in these situations: “Don’t Panic”. If you are unable to access you data because of a hard drive mechanical failure it is possible to recover, if not all, then a large proportion of your data.

If you delete a system file by accident, the immediate thought is to reinstall the operating system. Although this will get your computer back up and running it may also delete all the data that was on the hard disk.

Hard Drive Recovery Group will be able to recover your data in up to 98% of cases and avoid that data loss.

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If your hard drive suffers a catastrophic failure through a fire, flood or similar occurrence there is very little that anyone apart from the most skilled data recovery experts can do. However bad the situation may appear at first sight, with the most skilled and experienced data recovery companies it may well be possible to retrieve a significant amount of your data.

Many computers have, at one time or another, been infected with a virus. Often anti-virus programs are unable to cope with a brand new virus. Unfortunately as malicious software become more sophisticated and prevalent the threat remains real. Frequent updating of protection software helps protect against this but there is always a chance that malware may get on to the computer.

Using specialist software available from data recovery companies it may be possible to reclaim the lost data yourself. If you are unable to recovery the data then you will need the assistance of a company such as Hard Drive Recovery Group to help you out.

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Should you have a mechanical problem with your hard drive that prevents you gaining access to your data then you will definitely need specialist assistance. There is hard drive utility programs available but some of them can cause additional problems – so beware before using these. There is a common misconception that replacing the PCB will fix many hard drive problems. This was true many years ago but more modern drives have chips that are calibrated to that particular drive. If you consider that your data is valuable – whether commercially or personally the only real option is to use a reputable hard drive recovery service and allow them to recover the maximum amount of data possible.

Important Notes On Data Recovery Companies

A hard drive problem usually come at the most inopportune moment and the first thought is to get it repaired as fast as possible with the first company that you find who will say that they can do the job. This may not always be the best option. The fact that you have considered having the data on your Western Digital hard drive recovered in the first place means that you consider it valuable and in need of saving. Taking a little time before you choose your data recovery company can pay dividends in the long run. Ask yourself a couple of questions and make an evaluation of the company. For example: Do they do the work in house or use outside contractors?

Does the manufacturer – Western Digital, trust this company?

Do they have a track record?

Do they have adequate facilities – such a clean rooms?

How much do they charge if they fail to recover data?

What is their turnaround time?

There are of course more questions that you may think of but if the company you are considering cannot answer the above questions to your satisfaction, look elsewhere.Please contact us here for a free hard disk drive data recovery quote. Don’t let your data disappear forever. Hard Drive Recovery Group can help!


Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!