We live in a day and age where computers reign supreme. It is virtually all around you. From your home to your school or office, you can see lots of computers sprawling in every room and even in people’s bags. What’s more, we have long been navigating the web using the mini versions of these PCs and surfing the Internet, checking out social media, and doing just about everything with it using our handy yet just as efficient smartphones. And we all know technology has still a lot to improve because we’re not yet even riding on flying cars like what older movies like Back to the Future predicted people in 2017 will be doing, or rather, riding.

Definitely, computer science is the key to our continued progress. By continuously and tirelessly innovating and making existing technologies better, sleeker, and more efficient can we only achieve the impossible. You learn all sorts of things by studying the science and the fundamentals of computing. It also makes common sense to study this field now over other degrees because the demand for workers in various industries will never run out as mostly everything has gone digital. Even small to medium-sized enterprises uses some sort of tech innovation in their daily operation if they don’t want to be left out. However you look at it, you can say that your future will be as bright as the developments in today’s world by investing in a solid education with a Computer Science background.

Because computer science is the defining field of the 21st Century, children who learn to code now will have better opportunities to land the jobs of the future.

Surprisingly, most schools don’t teach kids how to code or open their eyes to the possibility of pursuing computer science careers.

With this as a backdrop, Navex Global joined Code.org and held our first Hour of Code Dec. 7, in our Lake Oswego headquarters. Hour of Code is a global campaign that seeks to broaden participation in computer science and increase diversity in tech. It has reached more than 100 million students of varying backgrounds across 180 countries.

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You really have a competitive edge over your peers if you know how to navigate your way over the many complexities of the digital realm. Aside from not running out of work, you are also well-remunerated and has higher chances of going up the ladder. You can also establish yourself as an authority in the field and be sought-after in today’s world when nobodies can become digital tycoons because they had a brilliant idea and knew how to execute it perfectly with the use of today’s modern technologies.

“Through the Canada 150 Research Chairs initiative, the federal government has given institutions like UBC an invaluable recruitment tool to attract top-tier, international scholars,” said UBC President Santa J. Ono.  “Particularly in fields like computer science, it is challenging for universities to compete with the private sector for top talent. We are thrilled to welcome Margo to UBC and for the potential her recruitment offers for student learning, research and entrepreneurship opportunities in computer science at UBC and in Canada.”

Seltzer is particularly interested in using computer systems to improve education.

“There is a serious question about how we prepare students to learn and work in the presence of automation,” said Seltzer. “For so long, education has been about transferring information to students. Now that’s no longer the problem. We need to teach them how to interpret information and make connections. I look forward to working in an inclusive environment at UBC to tackle this issue.”

(Via: https://science.ubc.ca/news/harvard-computer-scientist-recruited-ubc-through-federal-research-program)

There is no limit to what you can achieve when computers are involved. Not only will you be sought after in the workplace but in the academe and the field of research as well. And now more than ever we need a new breed of hungry and passionate individuals who will take on the challenge of realizing everyone’s tech dreams through computer science and learning all the ropes so they can soon find solutions to today’s dilemma and hopefully make our lives better and easier. There will always be job vacancies to fill and it is why computer experts are encouraging those who already have a keen interest to technology to develop it further and be a part of the catalyst for change whether it be by developing and building better hardware or software or by completely transform the computing technology that we now know.

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