Humans have different sets of needs and want. Some of the ones crucial to life are food, sleep, water, and air. Then there are secondary necessities that we need but even if we don’t meet them does not necessarily mean it can lead to our demise. If you are familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you can see the progression of our needs from the most basic to self-fulfillment. Sexual needs are among these human needs that perhaps the majority needs but some who practice celibacy have learned to live without.

Along with the rise of technology is the growing popularity of pornography on the web. While most websites exercise prudence and refrain from posting any videos, images, or texts that suggest a sexual innuendo because they have a wider audience demographics, some sites focus on this alone and are visited by lots of people daily to satiate their carnal desires. The problem here now is that both the young and the old can access these websites. And if you dig deeper into the dark web, there is an even more atrocious network of molesters and pedophiles that take pleasure in the many perks offered by modern technology.

Several hundred images of child pornography were also found on the hard drive of Paddock’s laptop, according to the report.

“This report is not going to answer every question or answer the biggest question, which is why he did what he did,” Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said at a news conference today before the report’s release.

Paddock opened fire on the music festival crowd from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. A total of 851 people suffered injuries directly related to the shooting and its aftermath, and 422 of them specifically suffered from some kind of gunfire injury, Lombardo said.


If you look closely into cases of famous people who have either been caught or killed over the years, a lot of evidence point to their involvement in the dark web’s porn network of individuals who simply don’t get contented in watching people perform sexual acts on screen but have created a virtual experience for themselves where the victims do the deed with them virtually. For them, it is almost as good as the real thing as they can communicate with the person on the other end and explicitly ask them to do specific acts according to their liking. People who patronize this illegal network are often criminals themselves or low-key sexual predators that may be openly mingling with the public without us knowing.

Finger Lakes Health fired one of its doctors a day after he was arrested on child pornography charges.

In a statement sent to media outlets Friday, Lara Turbide, Finger Lakes Health’s vice president of community services, said the agency initially suspended Dr. David Blasczak’s medical staff privileges after learning of the federal investigation that resulted in his arrest Thursday.

“Following additional information obtained and based upon our policies and his employment contract, we have since taken decisive action terminating employment with Dr. Blasczak and revoking his medical staff privileges,” Turbide said.


For you to find out that a professional as prestigious as a medical doctor is guilty of child pornography. It is indeed a scary world we live in now. How can you sleep peacefully at night knowing that people like them exist and worse, they’re disguised as ordinary and respectable citizens but in reality, they hide a very dark secret? Most of the time, these people know very well how to conceal their real nature but once you see what’s inside their computer’s hard drive, you won’t be able to stomach the images you’ll see there. And it does not end there, the parents of these children are often paid by sexual predators so they themselves take these disturbing photos and videos of their young kids to satiate the carnal desire of people like Dr. Blasczak.

Even if they delete their files to prevent getting themselves incriminated, it is still possible to have these data retrieved. There are data recovery services that can uncover whatever they are hiding. is a fine example. But if you yourself are struggling with lost data, can help you overcome this issue without the need to spend a lot of cash.