Who can live without their smartphones? Almost no one, right? In this modern day and age, we can’t live without our smartphones with us. Many will even decide to go home once they realize that they left it after leaving the house. It contains almost all of your most prized data that you’d cry a river in the unfortunate event that you lose it, which can happen at times. While Apple may have introduced the smart technology to mobile phones with their breakthrough iPhone at the time, it was Android that really made it more accessible to the majority of the population. Android phone makers were free to exploit the technology which is like a knockoff of the iOS version courtesy by Google. You basically get to enjoy the same user interface features but at a more competitive price.  There are also more choices to choose from, so you’d definitely find something that meets your needs.

data recovery servicesWe all know how most brands release new models each year. With just a few upgrades compared to the previous model, it tempts the public to shell out cash and purchase a new smartphone even if their older one is still working perfectly. Now that it has been months after the New Year, we can expect companies to roll out new smartphone releases. If you are an Android user, what can you expect from these new models especially that the Samsung S9 is almost within reach of many? Some of these Android innovations are pretty similar to the ones you can see on the iPhone X that will take phone displays to a whole new level and a pretty awesome user experience. The trend is easy to tell, Android makers simply just follow suit whatever new feature is rolled out in the

In its new developer preview of Android P, Google pulled the lid off a few tasty new things you’ll start to see on Android phones in the next year or two. As usual, Google’s Pixel phone will get these features first, and the next Pixel is likely coming out around October. Once the new features launch on Google’s flagship device, they’ll start to trickle out to other phones.

To start, Google is adding support for Wi-Fi 802.11mc, which will let it give more accurate indoor mapping directions in places like museums, casinos, universities, and malls that have shared their indoor layouts. New Android devices that support the wireless protocol will be able to ping nearby networks of Wi-Fi hotspots to pinpoint your position indoors and give more precise guidance. Google Maps may soon be your go-to app when you need to navigate an unfamiliar airport.

(Via: https://www.wired.com/story/what-to-expect-from-android-phones-in-2018/)

Edge-to-edge screens will soon become the norm. That is if you can afford to purchase the new smartphone releases this year. It’s a luxury, for now, so only those who can afford get to enjoy all these perks. However, the upgraded screens will definitely bring to life the cute and equally upgraded emojis in the form of the “AR Emoji”, the knockoff of iPhones Animoji, and make your conversations with family and friends more alive than ever. Navigation will also be made so much easier as Google maps will provide more accurate direction instructions, so don’t be scared to go out and travel the world because you’ll surely not get lost as long as you can connect to the web.

As time goes by, smart phones powered by Android Operating System has increased its capabilities. The more powerful these phones are built with each passing day to cater what most people bought these phones for; gaming. With a gaming smart phone people are wanting to relive the old games built by Nintendo like Super Mario, Duck Hunt, and Pokémon Red. Playing these games is made possible with the use of a Nintendo Android Emulator, Drastic DS Emulator. This android emulator can be searched and downloaded by looking it up on your preferred search engines using “Drastic Ds emulator Apk” or simply open Google Play on an android phone and search for Drastic DS Emulator.

(Via: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/03/14/1422651/0/en/Drastic-DS-Emulator-Makes-Nintendo-Gaming-Possible-For-Android-Smart-Phones.html)

Smartphones aren’t just made for communications, though. With the Internet of Things growing its influence over the world, everything is almost interconnected now. Gaming on your smartphone is no longer a novel idea since we’ve had it even before smartphones came into the scene. However, it is easy to see the difference what newer and more powerful hardware and software can do to elevate the entire gaming experience. There is even this thing as the Nintendo Android Emulator or the Drastic DS Emulator that will allow you to relive Nintendo games that were popular in your childhood such as Super Mario and Duck Hunt among a few. The experience is unparalleled aside from giving you all the feels.

Aside from the ones mentioned here, there are so much more new features to watch out for among Android smartphones and it is just the start of the year. There are definitely more to come. Even with computers, there are so much in store. Yet don’t let your excitement get the best of you because the risks have increased as well and the threat from hackers and other cybercriminals just looming on the horizon.