What many business owners do not think about when they have a server failure or catastrophic hard drive crash is that it is not always necessary for them to immediately package up the hard drive and send it to a professional provider such as Hard Drive Recovery Group. It is not always necessary to prepare your hard drive for shipment immediately, especially with more complex machines such as raid arrays or NAS or SAN systems. Instead, many business owners turn to us for something known well in the industry as remote data recovery.

About Remote Data Recovery

Typical server bank in the midst of a remote data recovery job.

RAID servers are perfectly built for remote data recovery services.

Remote data recovery is exactly what it might suggest: professional data recovery services completed from a location that is remote to yours. This means that no matter where you live, or where your business is located worldwide, as long as you have an Internet connection, we may be able to provide you with professional remote data recovery services.

In a lot of cases where a business owner or IT professional may have something like a mis-configured file system or partition table problems, we can offer immediate help via a simple network connection. This saves not only the business owner a lot of time and potential productivity loss, but also enables us to perform the data recovery service safely, and faster than if the hard drive had been removed from the machine in order to be shipped for data recovery.

Major Cost Benefits

Of course, convenience is not the only advantage of remote data recovery: because the overall time taken by our data recovery technicians is much shorter in remote recovery situations, our recovery fee is also much lower. In fact, we offer some of the lowest remote recovery pricing in the industry. And, if you have a competitive quote for a similar service, we will beat it by 10%, guaranteed. All you need to do is forward us the e-mail quotes, and we will immediately beat that price – no questions asked.

Perfect For Enterprise Software And RAID Array Problems

Although remote data recovery is often perfect for situations where a single hard drive has failed within a raid array, it is not a common procedure for many consumer hard disk drive problems. In fact, if you are actually experiencing a physical hard drive failure, there is very little we can do remotely. In fact, whenever you have an actual mechanical problem with your hard disk or server, it is more likely that you are going to have to call us about a flat rate hard drive repair that can be performed in our class 100 clean room.

Additionally, this particular form of data recovery is not appropriate for major physical problems caused by natural disaster such as flooding or fire. In fact, this particular service really only represents about 10% of our business hard drive recovery cases. But, it is an option that is available when it is possible, and comes part and parcel with our 24 hour free support for businesses.

We understand how to important critical systems are to your business, and also are quite aware of the productivity losses that may come from a major system failure. This is why we consider all of our business remote data recovery jobs to be priority one and work to solve your hard disk drive issues immediately. This is just one of the differences that Hard Drive Recovery Group technicians provide our clients.

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