It’s a nightmare everyone using a computer has: files accidentally getting deleted, important documents mysteriously disappearing, things you badly need in your laptop that you can’t find anymore. When this happens and you’ve verified that indeed, you may have lost that file in that particular laptop, you can explore two options. The first option is for you to take advantage of a professional who does a data recovery service for you. But then, you may also opt to take things in your own hands and recover that precious missing file with the help of data recovery software.

If user reviews are to be believed, data recovery software has improved in their performance in leaps and bounds since they were first used. While other software has lousy free trial versions, those who have tried free data recovery tools to salvage lost files have posted glowing reviews as well, comparable to paid versions. So, let’s see which of these programs come most recommended among users on the Internet.


Recuva is a paid data recovery service that gets full marks on how affordable it is. It has also been lauded by users for its fast scan times, although Mac users may not enjoy these benefits as the program is Windows-only. Moreover, some users have remarked that Recuva doesn’t have as many features as the rest of the competition.

Like many of the free file recovery software out there, Recuva is not a one-stop solution that users sometimes mistakenly treat it to be.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Many users who have tried MiniTool are impressed at how straightforward the software us. Moreover, it can try to recover data not just on hard drives, but also on SD cards and CDs/DVDs. That said, people are also quick to comment that the program is a tad slow when working with large drives.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery gives you a solution that erases all your worries when it comes to lost, deleted and irretrievable data. Whether you’re dealing with a damaged partition, corrupted hard drive, or files and folders that you accidentally deleted, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is created to handle them all and get your data back to your hands without you shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Disk Drill   

Disk Drill banks on its simplicity to get more users under its fold. Options and steps to undertake in recovering your data are easy to understand. However, what sets Disk Drill apart from similar software is that it can scan removable media and memory cards at the same level that it does for hard drives.

Disk Drill is one of the oldest data recovery software options in the game, having been around in some form or another since 2010. But just because an application has been around a long time doesn’t always mean it’s doing a better job than the rest of the competition, so how does Disk Drill stack up in the rankings?


Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery

RecoverIt scores a lot of points among its users for its various recovery modes. So, whether you lost data by accidentally deleting your file, last finding it in your computer’s Recycle Bin, or due to a malware attack, the software might just do the trick and help you.

Losing important files is quite a scary scenario in today’s digital world. There are certain reasons behind the loss of data such as corrupt hard drive, virus attack, accidental deletion, etc. Nowadays, it is must to have data recovery software such as Wondershare Recoverit to easily recover the lost files.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you are looking for a data recovery software that’s user-friendly, EaseUS can be a great option. Users have also complimented the program on its good recovery features. However, the limitation on configuration options hinders it from being highly recommended by more people.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is available in both free and premium versions. If you only need to recover a few files, download the free version and it should be more than enough.



Of course, these options are available to you should you prefer to DIY your data recovery efforts. For dependable assistance on recovering your data, we can most definitely help you here.