While only a handful of the population has ever used a Mac computer or even laid eyes on it, the rest of us can certainly agree that a Windows PC is our go-to PC for all our computing needs. So, as most of us bid a fond goodbye to the much-loved Windows operating system – Windows 7 – because it’s finally time for all of us to move on. However, those who have already taken the leap and upgraded to the latest Windows 10 OS are having mixed reactions with it.

We can’t deny that there will always be glitches with any new system. Not all require Level three data recovery services. And while it has been a while since the Windows 10 OS was released to the public, the company is now facing a serious multi-million dollar class lawsuit from a few people who really had a bad experience with Windows 10 after being forced to make the upgrade.

Released in July 2015, Windows 10 was offered as a free upgrade for one year to any Microsoft users running previous versions of the company’s operating system. While Microsoft touted the cloud-focused Windows 10, now installed on more than 400 million devices, as its most advanced and secure OS to date, many customers have complained about the company’s aggressive efforts to get people to upgrade.

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Windows users have no choice but to make an upgrade to the much talked about Windows 10. And it proved to have caused them irreparable damage as many have lost valuable data (which is not an inexpensive thing) and even their computers because of the damage the Windows 10 upgrade did to them.

Three persons in the US have filed a lawsuit against Microsoft claiming that its Windows 10 update destroyed their data and damaged their computers, a media report said.

The complaint, filed in Chicago’s US District Court on Thursday, said that Microsoft Windows 10 was a defective product and that its maker failed to provide adequate warning about the potential risks posed by Windows 10 installation, Britain-based online tech publication The Register reported on Friday.

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People are seriously upset about the damage and inconvenience caused by the OS upgrade and it may be a cause of worry for Microsoft officials soon.

Howard Goldberg of Highland Park, Ill. — a suburb north of Chicago — had a particularly tough time with the Windows 10 upgrade. “After three attempts to download Windows 10, each of which tied up his computer for extended periods of time, Goldberg’s computer was damaged, and Windows 10 was not actually downloaded and functional,” the complaint read. “Goldberg contacted Microsoft about the problems, and was told his computer was out of warranty, and that he would have to pay them for any assistance with the problems. Goldberg therefore had to have somebody repair the computer to make it functional.”

Many of the plaintiffs’ complaints resembled the general malaise widely reported during the one-year upgrade plan. For example, the lawsuit cited the insistent on-screen upgrade nag notices Microsoft placed on consumers’ Windows 7 and 8.1 desktops, the limited-time window when the PC could be rolled back to its previous operating system, and the shifty reversal of the close-window operation in a critical dialog box.

Microsoft issued a statement regarding the lawsuit. They seem to be not that worried about the cases filed.

“We believe the plaintiffs’ claims are without merit,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement. Microsoft also pointed out that “customers had the option not to upgrade to Windows 10” and added that users also could contact the company’s free technical support.

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Like with any technology, you can expect to encounter technical difficulties at some point in time. Since there are risks involved, you always have the option to go ahead with it or not. And if problems occur, there is always some form of technical assistance you can reach out to. If all else fails and you have lost more than what you can bear, you can always fight for your right and let your voices be heard through a lawsuit case like this one. And who knows, maybe someone else is in the same situation as you and you can fight for a class action instead.