It’s the era of media streaming. The days of having to be a slave to cable TV with limited choices of packages with so many unexplainable charges and fees. Cord cutters, rejoice! Future joiners of the cord-cutting bandwagon, feel free to explore your choices! This is because a streaming device that allows you to watch shows and movies and listen to music has become a hot ticket. For those with older models of smart TVs, or anyone who would want a reliable method of streaming can get a streaming device that will provide them exactly that.

But then, you may ask, “Isn’t streaming already available on computers and mobile devices through Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.?” What do you need a streaming device for?” The advantage of having a streaming device is that you have a gadget that is dedicated only to giving you content, nothing else. Let’s see which of these devices are the most user-friendly, doesn’t lag that much, can play video from the most services, and is easily updated when new services become available.

Amazon Fire TV

Coming in the forms of a cube and a stick, this device is highly recommended, of course, to Amazon fans who also consider Alexa to be their best friend. With Alexa’s integration, you can now use voice commands to look for anything you want to watch. Since Amazon is also a massive content provider, having its massive library bundled with your device gives you great value for your money.

The Fire TV Cube is Amazon’s attempt to combine a smart TV streaming box with an Alexa-powered smart speaker, producing a small black box that doubles as an Echo device.


Roku Premier / Express

With lots of great free content available coupled with its very reasonable price, the Roku line of streaming devices is a great choice for budget-conscious streamers. The design of Roku Premier may have some reviewers dismiss it, though.

If you go down the apps-per-pound route, the Roku Premiere will appear high on your list of prospective purchases, not least because it gives you access to Apple’s unparalleled library of 4K HDR films.


Google Chomecast

For Android fans, the Chromecast is simply the way to go. While it doesn’t have remote, you can use your phone or the Google Assistant to control it.

If you’ve got a 1080p TV kicking around in your kitchen or guest room, and the set doesn’t have smart features built-in, the Chromecast is still one of the best Google Home compatible devices for inexpensively watching Netflix, Hulu, et al. on a big screen.


Nvidia Shield TV

For the solid gamer and streaming enthusiast, nothing comes close to the Nvidia Shield TV. It may be more expensive than most of its rivals, but Shield TV’s extensive library of games can make any insatiable consumer of entertainment gladly pay the price.

Nvidia’s Shield TV is a high-end 4K media streamer with some gaming chops. Now the company has refreshed the Shield TV unit with a cylindrical shape, faster processor, AI upscaling, Dolby Vision support, redesigned remote, and lower price. While the odd, cigar-like shape of the Shield TV itself and the strangely triangular remote control will get your attention, the biggest change to the Shield TV is its newfound ability to harness AI to convincingly upscale HD video to 4K.


Apple TV

The fact that Apple has also been producing its own content is making the decision to buy an Apple TV a good one. As with other Apple gadgets, it boasts of the signature sleek design. With voice control features, its compatibility with Dolby Vision HDR, and user-friendly interface, Apple TV can appeal even to those who aren’t Apple diehards.

Signs of a new Apple TV with an A12 bionic chip were uncovered in the iOS 13.4 beta in January, suggesting Apple is working on a refreshed model that could debut sometime in 2020. Apple often unveils new products in March, so there’s a possibility we could see a new Apple TV early in the year.



With these options for consideration, you can choose the one best suited to your preferences. If you’ve accidentally deleted some of your favorite movies and TV shows, we can help!  Read more on how we can get you those precious video files back here: