More great hard drive technology from IOSafe coming down the pipe. The 3TB “Everythingproof” hard disk drive touts itself as not only crash and failure proof, but fire and waterproof! Always an excellent claim, particularly considering the high data recovery prices in the industry. This is one of those drives that you could take a blowtorch to and to cool it off, throw it in icy water. A “Mythbusters”-style piece of hardware, from a really innovative company.

This drive is indestructible (according to the manufacturer!).

Yep, can’t say enough about the technology at IOSafe (it isn’t good for our business, mind you ;)), but knowing the business of hard drive repair and recovery quite well, we would note that price, especially when it comes to storage media and hardware, is pretty much priority one when it comes to regular users. Business users can sometimes be different, but (much to their dismay when an inevitable hard drive failure occurs), more than often are also a little “by the seat of their pants” when it comes to data safety. This is the kind of drive that will of course change that particular game for them, to the upside.

At $499, this is probably priced way above most personal users wallets, and is still not a “must have” for Enterprise users (which really should have a professional, consistent backup plan in place, one would think). But great technology, and despite only having 1 year of free hard drive recovery service included (here’s where the $99 upgrade to 5 years protection comes in), a real improvement in the world of safe data storage. Be sure to talk to us at Hard Drive Recovery Group if you’re looking for the skinny on this.