It’s no longer acceptable for someone not to know a thing or two about technology. After all, it is what makes the world go round these days and it does not show any sign of stopping. From your smart gadgets to laptops and computers at home, they help us stay connected to the World Wide Web aside from allowing us to do plenty of tasks that require the use of a tech gadget of sorts like admin tasks and clerical work. It is even more important for businesses to keep themselves abreast of technological updates and advancements since they often have a big impact on the success or failure of their enterprise.

Even ordinary individuals understand pretty well the value of a hard drive, particularly when it has to be recovered:  Many go crazy when they accidentally delete a photo or two especially if they haven’t saved it on a backup device yet. Nowadays, a lot of tech issues like hard drive crashes gain a lot of attention because businesses stop and countless lives are affected when these glitches happen.

Health trusts on Teesside appear to have so far escaped the cyber attack reportedly hitting hospitals across the country.

NHS England has confirmed that the health service appears to have been targeted by a “large scale cyber attack” – a so-called “ransomware” attack demanding $300 in electronic currency to free files from encryption.

Several hospitals have reported “significant problems” with their IT systems and telephone networks.

Confirmed trusts affected by the hack so far include East and North Hertfordshire, Liverpool, Lancashire and Derbyshire.

But so far, neither the North Tees and Hartlepool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust nor the South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are reporting any issues.

A spokeswoman for South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We have not been infected by the virus and we are doing everything we can to ensure our systems remain as secure as possible.”


While we often come across news features about businesses getting affected because of tech problems especially when important data is lost. However, tech issues have never been more sensationalized than during the last US election. Issues about wiretapping, leaked emails and secret files were the talk of the town and filled everyone’s newsfeed. Of course, we are living in a bit of a “maniac’s age”, for sure, so a lot needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

In the days that followed, investigators slowly sorted through the laptop’s contents, following standard protocols in a case that was anything but standard, and moving with surprisingly little dispatch to assess the significance of the emails.

After weeks of work, the agents concluded that the laptop contained thousands of Clinton messages, a fact they waited at least three more days to share with Comey. Finally, as Comey recounted before Congress last week, the FBI director convened his top aides in his conference room at Bureau headquarters to weigh the political and institutional consequences of what to do next.

At this point, Comey and his deputies were venturing far beyond their typical purview as criminal investigators. Under normal circumstances, department policies discouraged public discussion of developments in ongoing cases of any kind; with the election fast approaching, there was the added sensitivity of avoiding even the perception of interference with the political process. But FBI officials worried that agents in New York who disliked Clinton would leak news of the emails’ existence. Like nearly everyone in Washington, senior FBI officials assumed that Clinton would win the election and were evaluating their options with that in mind. The prospect of oversight hearings, led by restive Republicans investigating an FBI “cover-up,” made everyone uneasy.


It’s probably also the reason why Donald Trump won the election. Hillary Clinton received a lot of backlash from all the media hype from Wikileaks among others. You’d finally realize that technology is indeed a big thing now because that’s where everybody is at and anything that goes online has a big impact on people’s lives. It’s even shaping the world we live in now.

While your tech issues at home won’t likely make it to the national headlines, it can definitely ruin your day aside from the inconvenience brought by data recovery. If you’ve got hard drive problems, that happens to be our expertise.