One of the most intriguing things about the data recovery industry in general is the fact that there are always websites out there that are offering some kind of quick fix. This makes sense on a lot of levels, particularly economically, and that’s because data recovery pricing is always high, and is going up.  Recently, we have come across a lot of sites that claim to tell you how to fix external hard drive failures.

Dangerous Information Is Everywhere

Naturally, we do not want to target anyone specifically when we say that typically a lot of this information is not only incorrect, but very dangerous, particularly in cases where the data that needs to be recovered from an external hard drive is very critical. We have seen a lot of cases where businesses trust their data to shoddy data recovery software providers or computer repair stores that really have very little idea about providing professional data recovery, and we can tell you that these stories always end badly. We often end up picking up the pieces in situations like this, and although we are always happy to help, a drive that has been damaged by a non-professional can often be very expensive to recover.

Why Take The Risk?

Many of our business clients are the types of people that do not like to take unnecessary risks. But at the same time, many of these managers are also people who are self-starters and like to do as much as they can to solve a problem. So of course, when they need to repair external hard drive issues, it only makes sense that they would try to do as much as they can to find a solution for free on the Internet.  Our culture is one of discovery, and there is always some description of how to fix anything out there.

But, you need to understand that in order to repair external hard drive problems that are physical in nature, there is very little that a layman can do. This is because the process of damaged hard drive recovery is exactly the same whether you are talking about a laptop drive, on external hard drive, or even a full on raid array. Each hard drive must be not only removed from its enclosure, whatever that may be, but it also must be repaired in clean room conditions.

But, if you want to know how to fix external hard drive issues, the best thing to do is to call a professional data recovery technician, such as the ones at Hard Drive Recovery Group. We offer a variety of free technical support services to not only businesses, but regular consumers and continue to offer it seven days a week. We can typically at least give you some kind of idea of what your external hard drive issue is and if it is fixable using data recovery software, or in the case of a damaged hard drive, must be sent to a lab for external hard drive recovery.

Repair External Hard Drives Safely

One of the things that we always recommend to any customer that calls us is to resist using any kind of hard drive utility or untested data recovery software. Just because you find a website on the Internet that claims to offer superior external hard drive recovery results, does not mean that it is always true. Remember that many of these data recovery software providers do not actually offer any kind of guarantee, so if the software they offer does not repair external hard drive issues, you may not be able to get a refund. Plus, if your drive is actually already physically damaged, there is very little likelihood that you can do anything to fix the files – the operating system will probably not be able to access anything.

What’s more, these products can actually damage your hard drive and the data contained within significantly. What this means is that the cost of your damaged hard drive recovery can increase markedly. Remember that it is always safer in cases of hard drive failure to do nothing than it is to attempt to recover your own files with sketchy products.