We live in a day and age where technology has become a crucial aspect of everyone’s lives. It is common to see tech gadgets everywhere and people can’t go about their day without checking in on their social media accounts using handheld smartphones, tablets, or computers. Aside from socializing, the main reason we use too much technology now is that most things have gone digital. Whether it be at school or at work, most tasks are done online or at least with the use of a computer or a similar gadget.

Since it is no longer avoidable to invest so much of our time with these modern contrivances, why not make the most of technology and optimize the benefits you get from either your smartphone or your computer. With the growing influence of the Internet of Things, many of today’s devices easily connect to the web. Take advantage of the cloud by saving files online, so you can easily access it whenever you need it. You don’t even have to open a computer because you can open files through your phone instead as long as you have an Internet connection.

You already split your screen time between your smartphone and your computer. Why not put the two together? There are several ways to use your devices in harmony, increasing the efficiency of both. From syncing data to jumping between apps, here are five ways to make your phone and computer play nice.

If you work on the go, you’ll want access to the same files on both your phone and computer—so sync them up. Lots of apps will do the job for you, but all of them function in more or less the same way. First, choose a service. On your phone, install the mobile version; on your computer, download the desktop client or access the web interface through your browser. Then sign in to your account whenever you want to access your up-to-date files.

The hardest part is probably choosing which service to use. On iOS, the default option is iCloud, and on Android, it’s Google Drive. When you set up your phone, it will prompt you to sign in with your Apple or Google account to configure these services, and once you do, they’ll be compatible with both Windows and macOS machines.

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Regardless if it is an Android device or an iOS one, there are apps you can download and the phones itself have features that enable the user more functionality and allow you to maximize its features in order to do more.

With smart technology, you can also access the web with just a click of a button and you can access millions of data anytime you want. To make your life easier, better download a browser app so you no longer have to sign in every single time you make a browser search.

Along with the benefits of modern technology are downsides that show how vulnerable we all are on the web. If you don’t know how to protect yourself properly online, you may not only compromise your gadget but as well as your sensitive personal information that online hackers can have access to if you make one small mistake. Remember that there are lots of malware circulating on the web that can attack you without you knowing because of careless online behaviors.

Victims of vile ‘ransomware’ computer attacks are being urged to ignore the sick demands – or face yet more blackmail threats.

Hundreds of readers have contacted The Mail on Sunday in the past few days to share their horror at receiving a twisted demand for money to avoid embarrassing details of their private life being exposed to everyone – even though they have done nothing wrong. 

The vast majority of those targeted have ignored the unpleasant messages – as they should – but not everyone.

The new web crime, revealed in The Mail on Sunday last week, involves emails from criminals claiming the recipient has been caught watching an adult website and that this act has been captured on their computer camera.

(Via: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/guides/article-6323857/As-thousands-report-victims-vile-ransomware-computer-attacks-heres-stay-safe.html)

These ransomware attacks are all over the web now but there is a big likelihood that it can also affect smartphone users especially that you also access the web using your phone. You’ll be surprised at how extensive the operation of these online hackers are and they can spread your personal data to others for a profit. Not all the time you can be protected by firewalls or anti-virus software installed on your devices because there are different ways now being used by online attackers to steal your information.

Data loss is possible if you continually use a computer that is infected with a virus or a specific type of malware because it has the tendency to corrupt your hard drive sooner rather than later. When that happens, you’ll need the assistance of professionals not only to fix your drive but also get your data back. So, you also need to know about hard drive repair. Meanwhile, not only are individuals targeted but big businesses too that rely on servers to keep their entire operation in order. .