One of by far the most popular services offered by Hard Drive Recovery Group is of course portable hard drive recovery. There a number of reasons for this, but considering the popularity of portable storage and external hard drives nowadays, this is not altogether surprising.

And, because of the fact that external hard drives are quite inexpensive and are now available to the regular user (as opposed to a few short years ago when portable hard drives were actually very expensive and typically tended to be used by businesses only), they are used more commonly than ever. In fact, even at our shop we use a variety of external and portable hard drives in order to back up our own data. They can be a very robust solution and you certainly cannot beat the price per gigabyte.

External Hard Drive Problems

But, the issues with external hard drives are clear. Unfortunately, the portability of an external hard drive means that it is liable to be damaged in a number of situations; at least when compared to a common internal hard drive. As a result, many of our portable hard drive recovery jobs come from people who have dropped the drive, and are looking for a way to fix their external hard drive problems.Portable hard drive recovery issues

These issues are often made worse by the fact that many users that complain that their hard drive crashed were using these hard drives to back up critical files. Even worse are the scenarios where people were using these hard drives in order to keep sole copies of important files. As a result, for many people, portable hard drive recovery is an absolute must.

Portable Hard Drive Recovery Image Problems

One of the biggest issues for people looking to fix external hard drive problems has to be price. Because of the fact that many people purchase their portable hard drives for under $100, they often expect that portable hard drive recovery will be equally cheap. Unfortunately, what you have to recognize when you have a crashed portable hard drive is that the cost for recovering these drives is very equivalent to that of recovering an internal hard drive.

So even though the actual hard disk drive may have been very cheap and on sale at an electronics manufacturers such as Best Buy, it still takes the same amount of professional data recovery time in order to fix external hard drive problems and recover your data safely.

Don’t Fear Recovery

Naturally, we do not want to scare away people who have been in a situation in which their hard drive crashed, because not all portable drive data recovery jobs are expensive. In fact, when there is not an actual physical problem with the drive, we can often perform what is known as remote data recovery in order to restore all of the drive’s files immediately.

The best bet is always to speak with a professional data recovery technician. If you have specific important files that you need to recover, call us for a quote and we may be able to discuss the possibility of only recovering certain files, depending on the problem.

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