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HDD Recovery Tutorial

Hard drives can be both your friend and enemy

If you're a new user in the personal computing game, you probably know that the files and data stored on your hard disk drive are not exactly safe as houses. There is a basic methodology behind this: hard drives are electronic and mechanical devices which are active at all times.

In fact, as you read this article your hard disk drive the may be spinning at anywhere from 4200 (on some laptops) to 10,000 RPM. This separates hard drive technology from nonmechanical means of storage such as CDs, DVDs, or tapes. As a result of this mechanical nature, hard disk drives are susceptible to failure.

And the biggest risk to data on your hard drive? Simply using your computer. Because hard drives are continually in use, even when your PC is not being used but is powered up, they do have the potential to fail: especially as they age. This is why Hard Drive Recovery Group has offered this tutorial: in order to put the odds in your favor in the event of a hard drive crash. Sometimes, data recovery can be accomplished without professional help.

FDISK - good friend, and sometimes evil enemy

When it comes to damaging or deleting partitions, few tools are more powerful than the Windows 98/XP as disk partitioning tool. And this power works both ways: used correctly, partitioning your drive either for fat 32 or NTFS filesystems can be incredibly easy.

But if used incorrectly, the FDISK tool can to eliminate your partition tables, which can make it appear as if your data has been lost.

Partition tables can also be lost in other circumstances, so this tutorial may be helpful to you in cases where your hard drive is being seen as a blank or unformatted by the Windows XP operating system.
(Tutorial continues with XP Partition Recovery)

Tutorial Contents
Recovery Tutorial - The introduction
XP Partition Recovery - A case study
File Systems - How important they are to your OS
NTFS Partition Recovery - Some key advantages
Retrieving Files - Moving forward with your recovery.
Copying Your Hard Drive - Safety first, always.
Partition Recovered - A case study concluded.

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