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Partition Recovery: An Important Case Study

One of Hard Drive Recovery Group's recent customers came to us with a hard drive that featured three partitions: two 20 GB Windows XP NTFS formatted partitions, and 140 GB storage drive also formatted in NTFS.

The problem was that the client's main Windows XP partition featuring all of the clients personal and business files appeared to be unformatted by Windows XP. Our customer was lucky however, as the second Windows XP partition made the computer bootable.

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One of the main issues our customers come to us with is the fact that their main bootable partition hard drive has failed. In instances like this, it is much more difficult to recover files and partitions. But for the sake of this example, we will assume that the computer is bootable (and in this odd case, it was).

Retrieving the lost data on the supposedly unformatted Windows XP drive was a scenario that caused our customer to panic. He immediately began looking for hard drive recovery software tools in order to recover the partition.

Fortunately, he decided that instead of blindly installing untested data recovery software, he would give us a call first. This was a shrewd move, as almost 30% of Hard Drive Recovery Group's clients actually make data recovery more difficult by taking action within the first hour of data loss, as opposed to calling a professional.

To properly take a look at this case of partition loss, it is important that we address your hard disk drive's file system and how the Windows XP operating system controls access to the data currently stored on your hard drive.

(Continued with File Systems)

Tutorial Contents
Recovery Tutorial - The introduction
XP Partition Recovery - A case study
File Systems - How important they are to your OS
NTFS Partition Recovery - Some key advantages
Retrieving Files - Moving forward with your recovery.
Copying Your Hard Drive - Safety first, always.
Partition Recovered - A case study concluded.

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