The world has been overtaken by technology. It is apparent in everything you see around us. People are glued to their smart devices and computers that is has become second-nature for us humans now to check in on it now and then day in and day out. Even young ones are at ease in using smart devices and computers, especially that most homes and both public and private establishments now have Internet access. Most people are pretty comfortable navigating the web too. The lure of social media platforms and other online websites is hard to resist and everyone goes online these days almost every day now for just about all types of reasons you can think of.

While considered a bit bulky to be carried around, computers still reign supreme because they have essentially served as the backbone of modern society for quite some time now enabling for major and quick changes that we are now enjoying today and most likely many more will come in the near and far future as we now live in the digital age. Yet, no matter how familiar you are with computers, there are still many things that you really do not know about it. The World Wide Web can be highly informative and useful but its deep dark secrets can make you feel at ease once you even have an idea about their existence.

Your computer or router looks innocent enough. But it could be taking part in international crime without your knowledge.

That’s if it is being used in a botnet, or a collection of computers that have had malicious software installed on them that allows someone to direct them as a group from afar. Security experts say that botnets are one of the many dangers that are posed to computers and their owners – and the opportunities to use them are growing all the time.

The problem of botnets was highlighted this week when multiple law enforcement agencies announced they had shut down the Andromeda botnet. That constellation of computers, spread all around the world, were being collectively controlled and put to work doing criminal tasks for their masters.


For instance, botnets are one of them. Some of you probably heard of it already while others remain clueless about what they are because it is a term you don’t easily encounter. Just what are botnets? It is just one of the many threats to one’s online security. It is common knowledge that the Internet is not exactly a safe place, to begin with. And botnet is one of those technologies that are used wrongly until today. You may be surprised that your very own device is also infected by botnets without you knowing. That’s how far advanced and discreet this nasty technology is and seeing how widely spread the Internet of Technology has become, virtually every one of us is in danger of botnets and the risks linger for who knows until when.

In the ever-growing realm of cybercrime, the botnet is another technology villain to give all computer users sleepless nights.

Defined as “a collection of internet-connected devices, including PCs, servers, mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are infected and controlled by malware”, these botnets will frequently infect an entire system while the owner or company remains completely unaware of their presence.

Botnet controllers are used by cyber-criminals to send out spam and ransomware, launch distributed denial-of-service attacks, commit e-banking fraud and attempt felony.

According to the Spamhaus Botnet Threat Report 2017, from the international non-profit organisation that tracks spam, phishing, and cyber-related threats, there are block listings for more than 9,500 botnet servers on 1,122 different networks.


You can really say that computers make the world go round and everything else connected to it. It won’t come as a surprise that web-enabled devices like your TV, radio, smartphone, home camera, and other appliances easily connect to the web. There are plenty of cybercriminals lurking on the web and that makes you and just about everyone else an easy victim. The only silver lining here perhaps is that you can actually track botnets and find out who operates them compared to other malwares like ransomware that are spreading like wildfire in this modern day and age. And it is just a wakeup call for us that whatever convenience we are now enjoying has a price to pay.

If you don’t attend to these matters right away, it may get worse and leave you with a broken device or your data stolen by criminals. The latter is disastrous given that they can steal money from your bank or even your own identity while the former will wipe out your bank balance for the meantime. If you don’t have an idea about these laptop data recovery services, charges reasonable fees for the services they offer or you can explore some of the videos available on YouTube if you are quite handy with computers yourself.