Because of the threat of COVID-19, companies and governments have found themselves implementing what can be considered as the largest work-from-home experiment in recorded human history. Many praise remote work as a great solution, as it allows employees to still work while still distancing themselves from each other during this uncertain time in what is seen as a responsible move to prevent the further spread of the virus. So, while most companies were in the primary stages of considering work-from-home policies only a few months ago, now it seems that they have been forced by circumstances to realize them. But even before the COVID19 pandemic forced this arrangement upon almost the entire world, there have already been enlightened groups that have embraced the benefits of remote work.

But then of course, like anything else, working from home also presents a number of challenges. Because employees are not supervised, productivity may be sacrificed. Moreover, cybersecurity can be a huge challenge, since the networks of employees working from home may not be as fortified as those in the office, making them a possible target of hackers. So, if you’re currently working from home, we have some suggestions for you.

Prioritize remote security

Since employees are not under the security perimeter of their companies, it would be difficult to sure that data protection, privacy, and security would be properly set up. Although the most common solution being forwarded for remote security concerns is VPNs, cybersecurity experts claim this may only be a quick fix. More effective solutions being championed include endpoint-based data loss prevention (eDLP) solutions, using virtual machines on Windows, and setting up dedicated terminal servers for teams working remotely.

Data loss prevention software and tools monitor and control endpoint activities, filter data streams on corporate networks, and monitor data in the cloud to protect data at rest, in motion, and in use.



Clarify communication policies

An important factor in the success of a remote team is clear and constant communication. Unfortunately, that may be compromised sometimes in work from home settings since no one is there to keep tabs on every team member every single day. Thus, team members can get into the habit of having a catchup or checkpoint at least once a day just to ensure everybody still interacts with the rest of the team and the workload is still manageable, not to mention lift everybody’s spirits up.

Communication within a company is crucial at the best of times, and the world is not in the best of times right now. To ensure business continuity throughout COVID-19, proper and functional communication must be maintained.



Utilize collaboration tools

Now that you and your teammates are not working in the same location, you cannot just talk a short walk to your teammate’s workstation and have a chat or arrange a quick huddle.  There are tools that will allow you to effectively collaborate with your teammates, hold meetings, and share important information n documents. Take full advantage of these tools.

The beauty of online tools is that many of them are easy to use and offer a cost-effective (and sometimes free) solution to businesses who are finding ways to stay operational despite the threat of the virus.



Handle people with care

What everybody is undergoing now is unprecedented. This is definitely a traumatic experience that people may not necessarily know how to cope, so it is important that everybody gives others the benefit of the doubt whenever one member goes offline for 10 minutes or if somebody doesn’t sound enthusiastic in a team meeting. Now is not the time for more online isolation or sterner regulations; reach out and regularly assure everyone that you will be there if you need them.

Employers should be empathetic, understanding and flexible as workers try to navigate the unexpected changes to their lives. The last thing an employee needs is the employer being rigid about them working from home to take care of their family until they find an alternative solution.



Remote work is a great privilege not a lot of us enjoy; therefore we should strive to be good at it. If you encounter data loss problems during this lockdown period we may help you with your laptop data recovery concerns.