Aren’t we living in ironic times?

Just when we’ve been feeling so drained and complaining about being overworked, spending 14 hours in the office just to bring home the bacon, not having time to pursue our passions (from crocheting to finally taking the weekend off for a paragliding adventure) because we just don’t have the time, the COVID19 pandemic hits the entire world. So, now we have all the time in the world, but we can’t do a lot outdoors because most of us are in lockdown. We can’t go out, we can’t have drinks with friends in our preferred club, and there goes your dream paragliding adventure.

So, how do we actually keep busy and not lose our sanity for the entire lockdown period? Before cabin fever sets in, here are some recommended activities we hope you’d consider.

Keep fit indoors

Just because you’re cooped up inside your house doesn’t mean you have to live a sedentary lifestyle and forget fitness. Everybody’s stuck up on their houses precisely because of this disease and reliable sources say the mortality rate of COVID19 is not high, so catching it if you have a strong immune system and you’re in good health should exempt you from being one of its fatalities. Thus, staying indoors and engaging in physical activity to keep healthy is a great idea.   Choose a time of the day and enroll in some online classes where you can follow an exercise routine or a yoga session. That way, you can develop active and energetic throughout the lockdown period.

But if it does, avoiding gym germs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your gains. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home with minimal equipment to get a full body workout and yes, even some cardio.



Upskill, uspskill, upskill!

Speaking of online classes, there are so many online platforms that should allow you not just to keep healthy, but also to improve on some of your other skills. During this coronavirus lockdown, you can add to your skill portfolio or upgrade on your already existing skills. Is it about time you learn how to cook? What about finally starting to learn how to code? By the time the lockdown is through, you might already be an expert on something!

Take this opportunity to pick up new skills, learn that new programming language you kept postponing for different reasons or simply expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home. Whether for a career switch or simply to boost your job prospects or grow your current business, learning new skills online to achieve your professional goals is without a doubt a constructive way to cope with the current self-isolation.



Clean everything

The world is in a lockdown because of a virus that has spread in rapid fashion. Thus, it makes sense that you should clean the place you’re going to be cooped up for a time – your house! General cleaning of your house will take time and will surely make you safer from the disease. Of course, you’ll be handling a lot of your gadgets while at home, whether because you’ll be using them while telecommuting or because you’ll most probably be living a social media-heavy existence while on lockdown.  So, don’t forget to give your smartphone, laptop, and other gadgets and gizmos a thorough and deep cleaning.

Whether you want to protect against COVID-19 or just give all your gadgets a deep-clean while you’re stuck at home, now’s the ideal time! Here’s how you can safely clean your tech gadgets, without damaging anything.



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