Although we have been more than half a year into the pandemic, a lot of us are still struggling with the different aspects of this “new normal”. A lot of companies have allowed employees to continue working from home until the end of the year, with some even advising people to stay at home until a vaccine is discovered. The thing is, even if we have been sort of marooned into working from home until the near future, we still have a couple of things that we may still need from the office. There are those of us who have deliberately left important stuff in the office in March and April, thinking this crisis would already be over in a few weeks. Fast forward to today and it seems that time is moving so slow, with the COVID19 vaccine allegedly becoming available until April 2021. That’s still a good five months!

If you’re the type who has remaining documents in the office but really into keeping yourself protected from the virus and therefore, wants to keep on staying at home and not venture even a quick visit to the office, then you will definitely benefit from remote desktop software. Also known as remote access or remote-control software, you get to stay at home as you can control your office device remotely. It is sort of your office device getting “possessed” by you, as you take over even your attached devices like your keyboard and mouse.


Which one is best for you?

You may think that remote access software is pretty much easy, with most of them being pretty much the same thing. However, there’s more to these programs as they have subtle differences. As someone looking for one, you need to know about these differences and get the one that suits your needs.

The first thing you need to do is figure what types of devices and operating systems you’ll be using. All of the best remote access tools should have cross-platform access.



Attended or unattended?

There’s also the difference between going for unattended remote access support and on-demand or unattended remote access support. You need to take a look at whether the software you will be using, whether attended or unattended, would best suit your situation.

Attended support solutions allow you to provide support to your customers as soon as an issue arises. You or your technician will be able to remotely access the end-user’s device, troubleshoot the issue, and fix the problem as quick as possible.



Free or paid?

Finally, there’s the issue of whether you should choose free or paid remote desktop software. If you’re on a budget, then there are well-reviewed free remote access software options for you. But here’s an article that argues that the paid version is still better:

While free applications may do a decent job technically (most of the time), they usually lack the stability, flexibility, and commercial features that most businesses rely on.



On the other hand, if you have realized that you have important files that you can’t find on your office device as well as your home device no matter how hard you try, don’t panic yet. We are specialists in Lenovo laptop data recovery, and may help you find your files, so get in touch with us.