The earbuds market somehow exponentially boomed at around 2019. While it used to be a joke when earbuds were introduced (remember the Saturday Night Live sketch about earbuds getting lost every time iPhone users dances, requiring them to keep on buying new pairs), but now it seems that those fears of earbuds popping out of restless users have been assuaged because the devices have been more popular than ever. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, which only helped in making earbuds more of a need than just a marketing ploy of some gadget manufacturers. Without cords and wires to disinfect every time you use them outdoors, the convenience and practicality these earbuds provide have indeed become more pronounced.

As the quality of these earbuds, particularly in relaying sound, improve through time, we consumers are spoiled for choices on what to buy. That being said, there is currently not one single set of earbuds that is perfect for all types of users. Those with iPhones and other Apple devices may of course prefer AirPods, while proud Samsung or other Android phone owners may prefer earbuds produced by their own device manufacturers. Then there are also those who want to use earbuds for their early morning walks (can’t go to the gym right now because of coronavirus fears) and those who use earbuds for multitasking. Those users may have specific features that are just about right for their specific needs.

One thing is for sure: All earbuds need to have a good seal in your ear. Make sure they fit your ears. After all, different users have different ear sizes, just like they have different preferences according to their needs. Alas, comfort trumps everything else. How can you really enjoy using your multitasking earbuds if they are too small that you find yourself checking if they’re still in your ear every 10 seconds like a paranoid person, or if they are too big that you feel like you have a huge block of earwax stuck in your ears?

So, without further ado, here are three of the best-reviewed earbuds available in the market today. As mentioned earlier, make sure your test them for comfort, not just for their function and features.

Why earbuds?

They’re cool, they’re chic, and they don’t have messy wires for you to deal with, that’s why.

When you make the transition to wireless headphones, the first thing you’ll notice is how convenient they are. Bluetooth technology allows you to be up to 33 feet away from your device without the signal being significantly degraded – this means you have a lot more freedom to move around without picking up your devices every single time.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Of course, the leader of Android devices has produced a pretty grand pair of earbuds.  Definitely recommended for Android users, not just those with Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners and anyone with an Android device should consider the new Galaxy Buds Plus. Although Wireless PowerShare is a Samsung exclusive, other important features including Spotify integration, are available across Android. Plus, even iPhone users will benefit from AAC support for lag-free media playback.


Apple Airpods Pro

Of course, if Android has produced great earbuds, will the House of Steve Jobs be ever far behind? Airpods were the butt of all jokes when it was first introduced (the SNL sketch mentioned earlier featured the 1st generation of Airpods), but now, they are the hottest selling add-on to any music or audio-loving Apple gadget geek.

AirPods are as much a communication tool as they are a way to listen to music and movies. But, much to my surprise, Apple has a legitimately excellent pair of buds here.


Jabra Elite 75t

Those who are allergic to anything that is blatantly branded as Apple or Android should definitely consider this nifty set of earbuds from Jabra.

So how does Jabra’s next-generation Elite 75t — which, unlike the AirPods Pro, doesn’t offer active noise cancellation — stand up to the current competition? Actually, quite well, which surprised me a bit.


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