Since technology is basically embedded into the very fabric of our life today, you are also forced to take the pros along with the cons. In every technology or device you are using, it can be a delight to you and make your life easier and more fun but it can also drive you crazy once it starts to malfunction. Aside from smartphones, the computer is one of the most commonly used tech device these days. It actually came first than smartphones but had to take the backseat for a while as smart technology transformed our lives and we can do more with our handy and sleek gadgets that connect us to the web that let us do a multitude of other cool things.

Computers are still useful in work, business or in just about every other institution as they do the bulk of the work needed to run this highly digital world we live in. It is quite rare to see businesses or offices doing work manually today. Most have computers or a similar device doing it for them. It is not only convenient but it is basically how things work now. These data can be stored and shared in just about every online platform available and by automating, it can take your business to new heights and unlimited potential for progress. Unfortunately as already mentioned, the technology is not perfect especially that there are crooks that don’t stop in finding loopholes in existing systems in order to steal people’s data, money, and even identity.

While the popular belief that Macs are not plagued by malware or threats is deeply rooted in the minds of many Apple users, our security experts debunked that myth long ago by pinpointing information-stealing Trojans, ransomware, aggressive adware, and even advanced persistent threats specifically designed for Macs. While it’s true that the volume of Mac malware is lower than those targeting Windows-based systems, there has been an increased proliferation of threats tailored to Apple devices.

And many of those threats are coming from just a few sources. Almost 11% of all threats reported for Mac users during the first three quarters of 2017 involve an aggressive adware Trojan usually bundled with legitimate software, Trojan.GenericKD.

Once installed, it hooks deep into the system and starts hijacking browser traffic and interfering with the overall user experience. While technically not a virus, it exhibits many similar traits.


Apple is considered as one of the pioneers in computer innovation and their Mac computer line is believed to be almost immune to any cyber bugs or attacks. Well, it’s a myth that’s about to be debunked as we gradually come across with all sorts of problems that involves Mac leaving millions of its users frustrated. Trojan is the most common issue that they have to deal with and there are others that follow suit. The presence of these Mac bugs prove only one thing – your Mac is not your safe haven. Your data is not safe. You need to safeguard it all the time or you might find yourself searching for Mac data recovery services.

Most garden-variety Mac threats involve applications designed to covertly collect sensitive user data by bundling themselves with legitimate applications, such as browser plugins or toolbars. But they should not be disregarded as minor threats.  These threats can hijack user browser traffic and redirect users to – at best – ad-serving websites—but they could also steer users to more pervasive websites designed to covertly install backdoor Trojans by exploiting various system or browser vulnerabilities.

These “generic” Trojans are usually designed to generate revenue for attackers by tricking victims into clicking ads to which attackers have some sort of affiliation. However, some threats simply collect private user information, such as authentication credentials and cookies, and broadcast them to attackers.


The damage is not only limited to stealing your information but it is even possible for them to make a backdoor connection to your device and manipulate it remotely. It is really scary knowing they have that much power and control over your device without you knowing at all. This is really scary especially that most homes, for instance, in America, have automated security devices in place. Criminals can easily bypass the system and break into your home if they can manage to get into your security system first because of these tech glitches.

The reason why there are more Apple hacks today is that criminals are finally realizing just how lucrative it is if they can also tap into Apple devices user and not just focus on the multitude that are using Windows gadgets. Everyone is a potential victim, so please safeguard your devices because it holds so much information that can make or break your life. Businesses can spare themselves the trouble of looking into server recovery services like if they can put into place security measures that can detect and prevent any suspicious activity that can compromise your data and everything else your computers hold, whether it is a Mac or a Windows one.