Well, color us surprised, but then, not really. Apple is up to its old tricks again, this time making it harder than ever to perform Mac hard drive recovery. Or removal. Or replacement, for that matter… Which of course is a money issue, as your data recovery cost can only explode in cases like this.


The ever uncrackable IMac. Now more proprietary than you’d like.

Yes, according to a note on Engadget, the new IMac actually has a “specialized” proprietary SATA cable for its hard disk, on which features a seven prong setup as opposed to the usual four prong. This  means that if you were really techie about it (and you have to be on an IMac anyway, as removing a drive is nowhere near an easy task for the layman) and you wanted to put a new hard drive in your system, you’d be completely out of luck. Not saying that is pretty much par for the course for almost all Apple products, but kind of saying that. Let’s face it: the services part of the Apple business is a cash cow for the company – moves like this make that cash even more huge.

This is unless, of course, you bought a drive specifically from Apple. We won’t bet against the idea that this will likely be an expensive option when compared to picking up a discount drive at your local retailer. Some might call this a “war against the customer”, while others would call it “protecting Apple technology”. Whatever the case, IMac buyers may be getting a little more than they bargained for when they experience a hard drive failure. Users beware!