Considering the non-stop race to the bottom we’re seeing where corporate America continues to cut or eliminate jobs despite massive profits (we’re looking at you, GM), or participate in hardcore union busting (still looking at you, GM), Apple has made a decision that will likely surprise a lot of Americans (it surprised us, without a doubt). Apple, mostly in fear of tariffs, but also continuing a current agreement, will continue to assemble its Mac Pro computers in none other than Austin, TX. The whole thing, naturally, is not completely American:

The world’s largest technology company said Monday that it can continue assembling the device in Austin, Texas, where a contractor has made the Mac Pro on Apple’s behalf since 2013, after the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative last week exempted partially assembled circuit boards, graphic cards and other Chinese-made components from the tariffs.


In a very odd, but likely unintended consequence of President Donald Trump’s tariffs, a recent Wall Street Journal article claimed they were considering moving the Mac Pro production to China in order to be close to its suppliers. Maybe it’s just us, but “closer to suppliers” sounds a lot like, “save money by paying people hundreds of dollars LESS per day”. Need more proof? From the same article:

Apple is reportedly considering moving up to one-third of its production out of China to low-cost countries like India and Vietnam. That wouldn’t be easy, however — experts says that moving just 20% of its production out of Shenzhen on Chinas’ mainland near Hong Kong would take at least three years to execute. Apple still manufactures its other top-selling products, like iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, in Shenzhen. The Mac Pro is not one of the company’s best-selling products, though it is one of the most expensive, starting at $6,000.


So not exactly what we would call a “victory” for American workers, but in this era, things are changing fast. According to a Washington Post article, financial bigwigs are shaking in their space boots, fearing that a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren presidency will take away the cookie jar that allows American companies to profit mightily while firing workers en masse in the USA.

Wall Street is sounding the alarm over Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s rise in the Democratic presidential race, as investors start to grapple with the possibility the industry scourge secures her party’s nomination.

One investor joked that the stock market wouldn’t even open if the Massachusetts senator became president; a segment on CNBC featured the idea that married couples could get divorced rather than be subjected to Warren’s “wealth tax.”


Over the next 14 months, it’s clear that stock market folks will be quick to blame any momentum for either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren for any market selloffs, as opposed to the fact that there has been little in the way of recessions or real market corrections since 2009, when the US economy began its jobless recovery. That’s all fun and games, for sure, but a day of reckoning is coming for the markets, and a continually befuddled Joe Biden is unlikely to change that.

But at the risk of getting too political, let’s get back to Apple. Big Kudos should be given to them, despite the fact that the Mac Pro’s manufacture location has little to do with “saving American jobs”. It’s a rare move these days, and one we should all commend.

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