Data reigns supreme today, at a time when almost everything has gone digital. Whether in your private life or in business or institutions the world over, you use data in your day-to-day and it is inevitable for you to encounter some problem with it over time. The more data you store on your device, the bigger the headache you’ll get once you experience problems with it, which is happening far more common now than it did in the past. Back then, you would only experience data loss issues when your device itself broke down or something but now    and either delete or steal your data and at times you’re no longer able to access your device as in cases of ransomware attacks.

However, even the simplest of mishaps and shortcomings on your part can lead to accidental data loss. Losing data is hard especially if you have not secured any backup files. These data can either be images, videos, documents, etc. that may no longer be replaced in case of accidental deletion. Imagine looking for that data and realize shortly that it’s gone but you need it soon for a report or presentation. That is really scary. But should data recovery be expensive? It’s costly if you don’t know any better and don’t do your research. In reality, there are various ways how to recover data especially the ones stored on your smartphones.


For Android devices you can download a third party app from the PlayStore to recover your deleted photos and videos. Apps like DiskDigger and Deleted Photo Recovery are simplest ones to use. Once you’ve deleted something you can use the app to scan the device for recently deleted files.

For ios users however, things get even simpler. The new latest ios will create a Recently Deleted in Photos app and the deleted items will remain in the folder for 30 days. So even if you delete something in a hurry, you can always restore it from that folder. But if you’ve deleted something permanently you will have to use your iCloud or iTunes to restore the lost data.


Whether you are an Apple or Android user, you don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to lost data for good if there are ways for you to retrieve it. There are apps you can use to retrieve data for Android users. Meanwhile, iOS users can conveniently check their recently deleted folder for photos and videos that were deleted from their gallery. Deleted items can stay there for 30 days before it is deleted for good. There’s also the iCloud that serves as a backup for your files.

If your smartphone has not suffered physical or complex logical damage, you can try to solve the problem yourself, however this comes with its own risks. To read out the internal memory of an Android-based smartphone, there are some software solutions on the market which transfers the stored data mostly via USB cable to the user´s computer.

The validity of this method will depend on whether the device is recognised as a removable hard disk on your computer. In some cases it may not be, especially if data on the internal memory has been erased due to a crash or an installation abort.

If it is recognised as a removable disk or storage medium, there are some software solutions on the market that can recover the deleted data, as long as you have not waited too long and they have not been overwritten in the meantime by the operating system. In a nutshell, the longer you use the phone post-data loss the more data the device will write and the lower the chances of a recovery will be.


Don’t despair yet the next time you end up looking for a non-existent photo or data anymore on your phone. Just remember that there are options to retrieve them if you just know what they are. Depending on your device, start the recovery process as soon as you can to ensure that you can still get them back. You may even encounter some glitches on your phone soon after updating your device’s operating system and lose data in the process but rest assured you can get them back even though at times you may need the assistance of a professional in doing so.

Regardless of your computer’s brand or model, any physical damage that has resulted in data loss should be brought to an expert for data recovery services. Fortunately, it is not as pricey as data recovery for Mac computers.