Apple has come a long way with its operating system for iPhones and iPads. Just this recently, the new iOS 13 has arrived. While built mainly for iPhones, the newest operating system can be downloaded and used by iPads (iPad now has a separate operating system called iPadOS 13). So, what does the new iOS 13 have in store?

Although Android has the upper hand when it comes to newer features like 5G, iPhones are being built better than they were. Apple continues to work on what they’re good at: cameras and apps. And the new iOS 13 will make it even better.

This may not be significant for some users but it can be crucial for others. iOS 13 can now prevent unknown callers from contacting you and you can stop them from calling you for good.

With a single button, you can effectively stop unknown callers from making your iPhone ring ever again. With the feature enabled, iOS 13 will only allow calls through from your contacts and numbers found in Mail or Messages. Everyone else will go straight to voicemail.


Did you ever wish to connect to WiFi or other connections easily without opening Settings? Well, now you finally can.

For years we’ve thought it would make sense for there to be some way to connect to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices from Control Center, instead of having to open the Settings app and tap several times.

With iOS 13, Apple has finally made it possible to view and connect to available networks or devices without ever opening Settings. Hallelujah. For us, this fixes one of the iPhone’s most annoying quirks.


Apple also now has adopted the swipe keyboard. Typing is now made easier and you can now consider typing with one hand.

Apple calls it QuickPath Typing. In theory, it’s faster than pecking away at the virtual keyboard, and just as accurate — and you still get spelling suggestions as you go along.


Not a fan of blue light or the Night Shift feature to lessen blue light from your phone? Try the dark mode.

Dark mode, which replaces the usual light screen with a dark screen, is available across core apps in iOS 13, including the calendar, music and photo apps.


The number of photo editing apps on the App Store can be overwhelming for some. There are a plethora of apps to choose from. But now that iOS 13 has made it easier for you, you can opt-out of downloading apps to edit your photos. And there’s more.

The Photos app received a pretty significant overhaul. Organizing and surfacing photos are both now easier, and the edit tools have a new look. But most impressive is the ability to use all of the picture editing tools you’re familiar with on videos in the Photos app.


How about a smooth viewing of a video? Now you can with the volume indicator on the screen removed.

Know how iOS has always had an annoying volume indicator that took over the screen, disrupting whatever it was you were watching? Well, on iOS 13, that’s gone. The volume indicator is minimal and gets out of the way — there’s even a cool new trick for adjusting the volume.


How about finding a lost friend, phone, or both?

Apple combined Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into a single app now called Find My. And on top of combining the apps, Apple added the capability to help find lost devices for people you don’t even know.


A new layer of security has also been added whenever you sign in.

A new privacy feature called Sign in with Apple logs you into accounts and apps without your having to add your email address, which Apple says will protect users from third-party apps that want to track them.


With the new iOS 13, you can now  add your Memoji to your messages.

Apple’s Messages apps will now get support for Memoji profiles, which puts a thumbnail of your Memoji (an emoji of your face) in the Messages app. New controls let you go in-depth with customization, makeup — even adding braces to your teeth. You also get a sticker pack across your iOS 13 devices.


Make the most of your iPhone in the new iOS 13. But in case of issues with your Mac, or PC’s storage, experts can perform You can also check this site for more info.