Apple has been a pioneer in computing and smart technology. They are led by innovators who dared to think out of the box and gifted the world with the Mac, the iPhone, and the graphical user interface. The world has two types of tech users: those who use Apple products and those who use Windows and Android. There are actually other computer operating systems out there but the users are only a handful and therefore insignificant.

Most people use Windows-powered PCs because they are cheaper than Apple products and there are different manufacturers selling it so you have a lot of options to choose from. Apple computers run on MacOS that have improved significantly over the years as people become more engrossed with the web. While Mac’s popularity has waxed and waned over the years, we can’t deny that it still has a big market and people can’t still wait to get their hands on their own iMac. If you’re new to Apple desktops and still wondering how it works, these tips can help you a lot and make the transition from Windows a smoother one.

Use Siri to change system settings on your Mac

You can use Siri to quickly make changes to your settings. Save time by using Siri rather than going though the System Preferences menus searching for the setting you require.

Correct Siri’s mistakes

If Siri has misheard you, just click on the text where it has attempted to transcribe your words and correct them there before pressing return.

Copy and Paste between devices

Universal Clipboard is an extension to the Continuity features introduced in Mac OS X El Capitan. With Universal Clipboard you can cut and copy items on your macOS and iOS devices, and paste them on to other devices.

Sync Desktops on multiple Macs

One of the best new features that came to MacOS in Sierra is the way that the Desktop now syncs across iCloud – so you can go to your iCloud Drive on any of your devices and access the files and folders on your desktop.

Autocap and full stop like on your iPhone

If you like the fact that when you type on your iPhone or iPad the first word of a sentence is automatically capitalised, and a full stop is added automatically after you press space twice, you will like these new options that arrived in Sierra.

Locate your cursor

Next time when you can’t see your mouse pointer on the screen just shake your mouse, or wiggle your finger on the trackpad: it’s what we all do instinctively, but doing so will make the cursor grow in size momentarily so you will have no trouble spotting it.

See everything you have open on your Mac

Thankfully, since El Capitan when you select Expose you’ll see minimised views of all the documents you had open so you can see and select the one you want.


This is the beauty of the web. You get all sort of information for virtually every topic there is. This is good news for Mac users who are learning to navigate their new device. After all, it won’t hurt to get a little help now and then.

Mac Tips

Mac users, these tips are for you! There are quite a few features that Mac computers offer and knowing these things can help you improve how you use your Mac:

  • When you buy something online, no need to print the confirmation page! Instead, choose Print, and from the PDF pop-up menu, choose “Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder.” This will give you a PDF copy saved in a folder called Web Receipts in your Documents.

  • Put an icon into the Trash just by highlighting the icon then press Command-Delete. From the trash, if you right click the deleted item and select “Put Back” it will restore the item to its original location.

  • Anything you print, you can turn into a PDF document. Chose the Print command, but instead of choosing Print, click the PDF pop-up menu and choose “Save as PDF.”

  • You can view most documents without opening a program to do it. At the desktop, highlight the icon and then tap the Space bar. This is a fantastic way to preview photos, but also great for Office documents, PDF files, movies, sounds, etc.


No matter how long you have been using computers, you’d always be surprised to learn something new about it years later. And honestly, many of these tricks have actually made our lives easier, so how come we weren’t aware of them from the very beginning beats me. Your Mac computer is an amazing piece of gadget yet a bit mysterious too at times. Its software is expertly designed and capable of hardcore multitasking that will amaze you every single time.

Many times these unknown Mac features vary depending on the MacOS your iMac is running on. But of course, you should keep in mind to always update your OS to the latest version to make the most of these cool and functional features as soon as you can.

No matter how careful you are, you may encounter issues now and then because life isn’t perfect and you’d get stressed no matter what you do. If your problem involves data loss, ask for the professional help of a Mac hard drive data recovery service because it is always better if an expert work on issues like this one or risk losing your data forever.