Mac PCs have the reputations of being classy, sturdy, and generally safe against cybercriminals. Very little incidents relating to cybersecurity issues have been recorded over the years in comparison to the multitude of problems plaguing the majority of Windows users. Well, gone were the days when Mac users can sleep soundly at night without the lingering fear of some nasty digital bug corrupting their device leaving them unable to access their most precious of files. Well, it wasn’t as if they were invincible in the first place. It’s just that the population of Mac users is far too small than that of Window users that cyber hackers don’t just think it’s worth their efforts after all. So yeah, a reality check for all you Mac users out there but these crooks finally figured it out and realized there is money in it for them too so better exploit it now than miss out on all the fun.

The recent vulnerabilities discovered just strengthened everyone’s belief that all PC users are at risk of who knows what on the web. The problem is that the vulnerability discovered affects all chips powering these computers whether they are Windows or Mac PCs. So, imagine the disappointment among Mac users at the thought of having to deal with all these things after they have felt assured for years that Mac is relatively safe from most cyber attacks. Since the problem lies with the computer’s processor, all PCs don’t stand a chance and we’ve seen increasing incidents of both Windows and Mac PCs succumbing to Meltdown and Spectre.

Technology companies are working to protect their customers after researchers revealed that major security flaws affecting nearly every modern computer processor could allow hackers to steal stored data — including passwords and other sensitive information — on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and cloud networks around the globe.

The scramble to harden a broad array of devices comes after researchers found two significant vulnerabilities within modern computing hardware, one of which cannot be fully resolved as of yet. Experts say the disclosure of the critical flaws underscores the need to keep up with software updates and security patches and highlights the role independent research plays in prodding tech companies to minimize security weaknesses.

On Thursday, Apple confirmed that all Mac systems and iOS devices are affected. 


Not only are Mac PCs at risk but even their iPhone line can also be infected by this nasty digital bug that is causing widespread panic among tech makers and users. It is easier for cybercriminals now to remotely hack your device, including your Mac PC, by the use of malware. We are not new to malware and various types of this bug have been the cause of frustration of many a computer users. However, we are seeing it more proliferated now and in different forms that they’ve finally managed to come up with something that can affect both spectrum of computer users: the Window users and those loyalists to the Apple Mac line.

Apple has said that all iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are vulnerable to a major security flaw that leaves the devices open to hacking.

The “Meltdown” and “Spectre” bugs, which were disclosed earlier this week, impact every device running the company’s iOS and macOS operating systems, as well as the Apple TV, the tech giant revealed overnight.

It means Apple devices are potentially vulnerable to hackers using malicious software to steal sensitive data such as passwords or private photos.

It said the first of the two bugs, Meltdown, had been partially solved by software updates released in December and that it had seen no evidence of cybercriminals exploiting the flaw. Spectre, which affects the Arm microchips that the iPhone and iPad use, is more difficult to guard against.


It is high time Apple users face reality. They just need to level up the way they safeguard their device from potential hackers and to always be careful when browsing the web. Do not just easily open emails that look suspicious at first glance as they may introduce the bug to your system once opened. Simple things like this can go a long way when protecting yourself and your Mac PC from the dangers of cybercrimes. There is nothing we can do about this problem right now except to beef up our defences against these hackers since it can only be resolved until chip makers come up with an entirely new design of microprocessors that overcomes this existing vulnerability.

The rise in malware attacks has left thousands unable to access their data. It has caused an increase in the need for data recovery services as not everyone has the presence of mind to regularly back up their files. If you’re a Mac user and you’ve suddenly found yourself about to lose your data after your device succumbed to either Meltdown or Spectre, you’ll find disk recovery for Mac useful . At times when the attack is more widespread like with most ransomware attacks as of late that affect servers of big organizations and institutions, RAID recovery may be your best bet to overcome this problem with the hopes of getting all your lost data back.