The iPhone reigns supreme in the smartphone category nowadays. They are definitely in a different class of its own. With its superior features, svelte aesthetics, and comfort and security it offers, their Mac counterparts are struggling to beat Windows PC in gaining the trust and thumbs of approval of the public. Well, it is true what they say that you can’t have the best of both worlds. What’s with a Windows 10 PC that everyone keeps on raving about it and got even Mac users converted into Windows users? Microsoft wasn’t able to keep up in the highly competitive smartphone market but it has proven that it definitely knows what it does by giving us a platform that has the answer to all our computing needs on different computing platforms whether on computers, laptops, or tablets.

Considering that most people are Windows users these days, some experts claim that the Windows 10 is closing the gap and can be likened to the iPhone of the PC world. Windows 10 is really out there and conquer the world while nothing special is happening to Macs. The hardware is deteriorating as compared to today’s standards that require for faster and more efficient computing power in order to keep up with the myriad of functions and features that people these days consider as the new norm. Even previous Mac users point out the more advanced and relevant features of Windows 10 as compared to existing Mac devices and it is easy to see why despite the touted seamless synching between Apple mobile and computing devices, their computer line still pales in comparison to the major advancements that Microsoft is now implementing with the Windows 10 rather than just making false promises.

Microsoft famously missed the boat on smartphones, and officially closed the book on Windows 10 Mobile just recently. This has turned into somewhat of a blessing in disguise for the Windows PC: With no new platform to jump to, Microsoft basically has no choice but to improve Windows 10 across both PCs and tablets.

This refocusing on software has resulted in something of a Windows renaissance. Windows 10 has embraced touchscreens, styluses, and even virtual reality. It’s made Windows 10 more flexible, and more useful, than any MacBook I’ve ever owned.

And while Microsoft’s own Surface computers are still the best place to experience all the benefits of Windows 10, the Dells and HPs of the world have followed in Microsoft’s footsteps, and released nifty, imaginative new devices. Apple is known as the designer of the slickest devices in the world, but the Windows ecosystem is closing the gap.


Touch screens are a common thing now with some Windows 10 devices. Meanwhile, the Mac only has the touch bar but only on its high-end models that only the rich and the affluent can afford because of its ludicrously high price tag. On the other hand, it is common to see Windows 10 PCs with this feature that the masses can actually afford, a reason why the Windows 10 is fast becoming everyone’s favorite for all the right reasons.

Companies and workers are constantly reshaping how they get work done, as users get new technology tools that allow them to be more efficient and collaborate in novel ways.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform helps organizations of all sizes manage the evolving nature of work — where and how it gets done and on which devices — by giving them more benefits via mobility, cloud tools and security. Windows 10 also helps organizations secure collaborative work environments.

Windows 10 and Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite have helped companies like Wind River Environmental, the Northeast’s largest full-service liquid waste management company, expand in sustainable ways. However, Windows 10 can bring benefits to a wide variety of businesses. 


It is inevitable for Windows 10 to be the operating system of choice of most computer users because it boasts of tools that will allow for efficient collaboration and performance especially now that big data makes the world go round and almost everything has gone digital. Access to the cloud is so convenient because of the could-based tools present in Windows 10. Regardless of what device you are using (computer or mobile gadget), you can count on Windows 10 to give you the best user experience without compromising quality and productivity. Big industries and corporations can also benefit the most from Windows 10 as it allows for the full expression of creativity without curtailing the productivity of employees.

While we can’t help but rave about the Windows 10, it still is not exempted from the usual computing issues we experience from time to time. Hard drive issues are the most troublesome and costly and sad to say you may still have hard drive problems even if you are a Windows 10 user. Better equip your knowledge on and so you get the issue fixed the soonest without these services leaving a big dent in your wallet.