Unless you’ve been living a monastic existence or have been literally living under a rock, you may know that most parts of the world are already under quarantine. Some may call it self-isolation, while some may call it community lockdown, yet others simply call it stay-at-home orders – it’s all the same. From far north as Iceland to the people living Down Under, everyone has been observing various degrees of what has become popularly known as social distancing – giving you and the person closest to you physical distance, in an effort to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the COVID19 virus, which has reached pandemic proportions.

So, in this time of extreme uncertainty, when entire states are already telling citizens to stay home and not go out, what else can you do but follow orders and stay put at home? Chances are, your company has already allowed people to work from home, if no one has yet been forced to do so. And when you’re already home, there’s also a huge chance that after a day or two, you’re already thinking of the great outdoors, where you can do anything with family and friends. But the reality of the COVID19 lockdown strikes, and you’ll have to make your self-isolation as bearable as possible. Here are a few ideas to you keep you entertained and lessen thoughts of boredom and pangs of wanting to leave home and expose yourself to a healing world.

Play a video game

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming activities you can do while keeping yourself entertained in this time of the coronavirus is playing video games. And we’re not talking about games that you play on your smartphones that you get tired of after playing for a day or two. We’re looking at games that you play with a console and take forever to finish because of the countless levels and seemingly insurmountable challenges you will have to undergo. If you have been eyeing a game that you wish to play but couldn’t because it takes a lot of time to play, well it looks like this lockdown’s the best time to give it a go.

Longevity – following the news, you’ve probably seen we’re going to be doing this for a while, so you need a game that can stand up to the test of time, whether that’s through a deep 40+ hour story or a seriously addictive multiplayer mode.

Value – some of us are incredibly lucky enough to be able to work from home and still get the full pay, whereas others (shout-out to the local pub for keeping team Stuff well fed and watered) are set to be living on not that much until the end of April when the Government’s scheme comes into effect. Price is critical.

(Via: https://www.stuff.tv/features/best-games-play-during-coronavirus-lockdown)


Movie marathon, anyone?

You may already be on a k-drama or Netflix and chill binge-watching spree even during “regular” times a.k.a. before this pandemic has held everyone hostage in their homes, so we really won’t recommend that. What we’re thinking of is for you to binge-watch on movies, or better yet movie series.  Surely, you’re very familiar with movie franchises, and now that you have a lot of time, why don’t you go ahead and watch them? You can have a marathon of them in order, or perhaps in a random sequence – it’s really your choice. And the options are endless – Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, MCU, LOTR – that should already last you at least two weeks!  Better yet, you can go on a themed marathon – movies where Kiera Knightley is not in a corset week, underrated ‘90s gems, foreign crime thrillers. Before you know it, the lockdown may already be over!

Cheapness and laziness are, let’s face it, paramount: Is it easy to access, and is it free with your subscription? There are countless hidden gems in the overwhelmingly long rows of titles in your major streaming services, so allow me to suggest gems tailored to a wide range of tastes. (Fun drinking game: Take a shot every time a now-disgraced celeb appears.)

(Via: https://nypost.com/2020/03/19/20-movies-to-distract-you-from-coronavirus-dread/)


Videoconferencing – not just for WFH

Now that you’re telecommuting or as it is popularly known these days, working from home (WFH), you may already be so used to using videoconferencing apps and programs like the ubiquitous Skype and Zoom. But come to think of it, why should these programs be confined to “business use” when you can also put it to use in what you usually do during the weekends pre-lockdown – hang out with friends? Get your crew online and get everybody with their drinks as you have an online catch-up! At least, when someone has too much to drink, the restroom is quite close by.

All you need to sign up for Zoom is a valid email address. Download the mobile or desktop app, agree to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions and you’re good to go. Like other video conferencing software, Zoom provides 256-bit encryption on any transmission which means you can be confident your meeting – and any documents shared within it – stays safe. Thankfully, setting up and making a Zoom call couldn’t be easier. If you’re planning to start the meeting, you’ll be the dedicated host of the call and the one with a few extra privileges.

(Via: https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/25/set-zoom-call-12453686/)


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