The modern world we live in thrives on big data. We already lost track of the number of devices we use on our own, at home, or in public and we likewise access various online platforms for school, work, and recreation. Social media is so popular that it has become an extension of our personal lives. Not only that, we take so many pictures, videos, and all sorts of multimedia that we have files stored on our phones, computers, handy flash drives, or even up in the clouds. However, life is not always a bed of roses. Technical problems arise either by accident or over time. The issue now is now everyone has prior tech knowledge on how to deal with these problems and they may end up paying more than necessary for RAID data recovery services in their desperate attempt to retrieve their lost files.

Data recovery services can be offered to individuals, groups, or organizations and it usually comes at a hefty price. However, it is a precaution everything is taking now with the rising prevalence of online bugs like malware that threatens to steal other people’s information and valuable data that is not always replaceable. It is why these services become more popular because there is a high demand for it and people are willing to shell out the cash as long as they don’t lose any more of their precious data. Big organizations even the ones running the cloud invest in reliable data recovery services because they understand the value of data both to them and their customers. As we all know, disasters can strike anywhere and anytime of the day both manmade and natural, so the least we can do is to be prepared for the time when it comes and to have a backup plan in place.

Backup, disaster recovery, and virtualisation management firm Veeam has announced the acquisition of N2WS, a Florida-based enterprise backup and disaster recovery firm focused on Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads.

The all-cash deal, valued at $42.5 million, is expected to strengthen Veeam’s disaster recovery offering, combining Veeam’s existing capabilities in protecting virtual, physical, and cloud environments with N2WS’ AWS-specific data protection.


The digital game is robust and strong. If the rise of services like this is any indication that we all take data seriously, so is data recovery. It simply follows that we don’t want to lose the data we have created, taken, and have saved because of technical glitches or a lack of foresight on our part. If you are not careful enough, you may lose years’ worth of memories and have all your files gone in a snap. It is even more crucial now that most processes and services are web and cloud-based. Businesses and organizations must be cautious in securing their data or face costly consequences and the wrath of their customers, something that has happened quite often than we wanted to in the past years.

Veeam has struck a takeover deal to boost its cloud-centred enterprise availability for AWS workloads. Veeam shook hands on a $42.5m all-cash buyout of N2WS, an Iaas data protection firm specialising in disaster recovery solutions with Amazon cloud.

As part of the deal, N2WS will continue to exist as a standalone organisation with its main offices in Edinburgh, UK as well as premises in Florida, US and Haifa, Israel. Jason Judge will stay as CEO of the business and all teams are to stay intact. Cloud-native enterprise backup specialists at N2WS are poised to strengthen Veeam’s ability to protect AWS deployments for business.

Iaas is the fastest-growing cloud segment, with the market set to hit $88bn by 2022. Big hitter AWS leads the sector, standing astride 44.2% of the market, according to the latest figures from Gartner. Companies across the board are demanding improved data protection guarantees to reduce costly downtime.


You can’t just ignore the risks anymore when you see malware attacks occurring in all parts of the globe more often now. No need to be surprised anymore of major investments like this since it is a must for everyone to protect their businesses especially that it involves working on people’s data 24/7. People will feel at ease working with these businesses if they feel that they can trust them with their personal details that it will be there when they need it and that unauthorized people won’t be able to access it without their permission.

If they do their job well, then they no longer have to worry about common complaints most tech users experience. Pricing for data recovery is here: Even smaller servers may experience data loss now and then especially when 3rd-parties try to bypass security measures they put in place and retrieve files they want to exploit and use for their own benefit.