Computers are no longer luxury items these days. They are necessities that not only connect us with the World Wide Web and social media but allow us to do lots of mundane things that we can’t live without. Windows PCs are the popular choice while some prefer the more expensive Apple computers that revolutionized the computing world. For the longest time, Windows 7 was the popular choice because it is easy to use and it has almost everything you’ll ever need in an operating system.

Updates are inevitable, though, because systems need to be upgraded to keep up with the times. These updates often have the fixes for commonly reported bugs and defects as well as improvements on certain features. Microsoft has gone a long way and has since then offered Windows 8 (which wasn’t quite the hit they expected), and now, Windows 10.

The reason it’s called the Creators Update again is because it will contain more ‘creative’ features. Hopefully including some of the things Microsoft promised in the April Creators update but which never materialised.

This will do a similar thing to Memories on an iPhone, in that it will automatically create edited videos from your photos and videos. But on top of this, you’ll be able to use Windows Ink (if you have a touchscreen device) to draw or write on the video, and even anchor your scribbles to a person or object so it automatically moves with it.

There’s mixed reality too, so you could – as in Microsoft’s example above – turn a football into a fireball using the same anchor and tracking mechanism.

Timeline is an improved ‘Task View’. When you click on the Task View button you’ll see not only the current apps and windows you have open, but you can scroll down to see the stuff you were working on previously that day, or even months ago.

This will also work across your Windows 10 devices because the information is stored in Microsoft Graph. This is what Microsoft calls an “intelligent fabric that helps connect dots between people, conversations, projects, and content within the Microsoft Cloud”.


For almost two years now, Windows 10 has been made available to the public. Since its launch in July 2015, Microsoft offered its users a free upgrade but it has long since expired. Since then, it already had two updates and the last one was actually released just last month. The next update in line is scheduled on September 2017 for its Fall Creators Update.

New Windows Modes

Microsoft confirmed their recently announced Windows 10 S will support accessibility features but if a user of any assistive technology needs to be on Windows 10 Pro for their specific hardware/gear then their upgrade from Windows 10 S will be offered at no additional cost. This is in keeping in line with Microsoft’s offer last year of the Windows 10 Upgrade for users of assistive technologies at no cost even though the free upgrade period has expired. The companies goal is to bring more assistive technology apps to the Windows Store so that Windows 10 S can be a viable OS option for those users.

Some of these new accessibility features are already being tested in the Windows 10 Insider Program so if you are interested in testing these tools just head over to the Windows Insiders page and get signed up to participate.


In their effort to ensure utmost accessibility of Microsoft products, the current Windows operating system showcases features that are friendly to the differently-abled such as the blind, deaf, or those with other physical disabilities.

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