When we think of servers, we often picture out stacks of these tech wonders housed in pristine environments of major tech companies. This program supports other computer programs in one or more computers used mostly by big enterprises. There are actually different server types depending on their purpose. However, have you ever thought of getting one for yourself? The rise of private servers among small business owners is growing in popularity these days, so it might be an option for you to consider anytime soon.

In layman’s term, a private server is a virtual machine that one administers privately. You don’t just place a server in any location because it often comes within a group. Moreover, servers need sufficient power supply and a stable Internet connection aside from them being obviously noisy too. And just like laptops and computers, you can buy a private server in a similar manner these days.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have taken the small business world by storm. The advantages offered by VPS are considerable and can save any business a lot of money, but are more obvious in the small business community where a few thousand dollars can mean the difference between success and failure.

A VPS removes the need for your company to have its own physical servers. Access to a VPS gives your company the same advantages of having a physical server, but the operating system is run on the cloud. Anything that can be done on a physical server can be accomplished on a VPS without the expense of owning or leasing the physical equipment.

A small business that wants to save money on operating costs but has the need for a dedicated server can find a substantial number of companies on the internet that can fill their needs, but not all of these companies are created equal. Cost, security, performance benchmarks and other factors vary from company to company and there are tradeoffs for the customer to consider.

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Cost is one of the factors you have to consider when deciding whether a private server will work for your burgeoning business venture or not. Find out if what it offers can compensate for the cost you are shelling out on such an investment. Next is security as cyber crimes are increasingly becoming common these days. Even big and global brands aren’t safe from these cyber hackers.

Lawyers on both sides of a debate over the authority of the state’s sheriffs to bar private process servers from working in their counties were pressed by an active Georgia Supreme Court bench that hammered away at arguments questioning the plain language of the relevant statute and a “conspiracy” among the lawmen to freeze out private service in Georgia.

“It comes down to a gross abuse of discretion” for the sheriffs to enact a blanket, near-statewide ban on the servers and effectively nullify the law, said Parks Chesin & Walbert partner A. Lee Parks, representing the Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers (GAPPS).Some Georgia process servers work under the authority of the superior courts, which keep a list of such servers from whom litigants may choose.

But once a private server who is not on such a list fulfills the required training, bonding and other requirements, he or she must apply to a county sheriff for statewide certification.

Under the law, the sheriff must grant the certification which allows the server to work anywhere in the state. After that, the server can apply to work in any county, “provided that the sheriff of the county for which process is to be served allows such servers to serve process in such county.”

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Unfortunately, there may be some challenges to having your own private server but as long as you can prove that its use is for a good cause, you’d be able to use one as you see it fit. Always remember, though, to do your research first before you spend on a private server of your own. Aside from considering the cost, security, and performance, also include control and stability before making such a big purchase. You want to make sure your private server works for you and not become an additional burden that will take its toll on your business performance.

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