Unfortunately, despite what many of the raid controller manufacturers would like you to think, raid servers are far from infallible. As a result, you will not commonly, but possibly have to deal with a situation in which your raid cannot access any of the data on your disk drive. Or, as it is more commonly known, your raid disk.newsraid cannot access disk drive

This can actually be for a number of reasons, and one of the biggest pieces of advice we give almost every client who is having raid server difficulties or some kind of raid failure, is to resist doing anything rash like attempting any kind of RAID repair. One of the key causes of major raid disk failure is some sort of physical intervention by an administrator. The unfortunate part about this is that IT administrators are typically very smart people, and are typically very risk-averse. But in an effort to find a solution to a raid problem, they will typically go beyond the call of duty. This is of course because typically the information that is stored on a raid server is very important to the business or organization.

But that, unfortunately, is the very reason why you need to take a very safe and proactive approach to any kind of raid disk access problem. Remember that our toll-free helpline is always available to you, and we can certainly help you determine where your raid problem is coming from. Or, we can at least inform you of the safest way to proceed.

Remember always that data that is stored on raid is stored there for a reason: because it has the utmost importance to your organization.