It’s not just shops with old school IT personnel that run ancient backup setups that need tape recovery services. In fact, many newer backup scenarios still use backup data tapes in order to properly ensure the circle of quality backup is complete.

Every business should have access to an experienced Tape Recovery Service like Hard Drive Recovery Group. Even as we roll into the second decade of the twenty first century, the truth is that tape drives are still relied on by a large number of people both professionally and personally, despite the fact that the technology may appear to be ancient or out of date to the average person. Simply put, these drives were designed to be long-lasting from the beginning, and they continue to be so today.

Very much unlike digital drives, the magnetic tapes that make up tape drives are actually storing the data on the tapes themselves, rather than on a computer’s hard drive. They are not stored in the cloud, but are instead written to magnetic tapes, which allow them to be stored and archived off-line for future reference. The bonus here is that the tapes don’t have to be relied upon more than once a week or month, which also ensures their longevity.

In addition to this, tape backups are preferred due to their really incredible cost-effectiveness. Tape backups are used by everyone from Google to NASA because they provide a massive amount of storage for a fraction of the cost of cloud or hard drive storage.

How Does Tape Data Recovery Work?

It is critical that you contact the professionals at Hard Drive Recovery Group as soon as possible if you believe your tape backup has failed. Our engineers have lots of experience with a number of different tape data recovery methods, which are listed below, that can be used to recover damaged or lost data from almost any brand of data tape backup.

Restoration of Tapes

Hard Drive Recovery Group’s tape restoration service quickly and efficiently transfers data from tapes to a hard drive or other storage device that is capable of reading and writing data on a regular basis.

Tape Duplication

As an additional service, Hard Drive Recovery Group provides tape duplication, which entails creating an exact copy of any number of backup tapes. If necessary, this can be stored on a separate tape drive or on a completely different storage medium altogether.

Tape Data Recovery Service

Additionally, Hard Drive Recovery Group is capable of recovering data from a tape drive that has failed or become inaccessible for other reasons. Whether the tape drive is experiencing a magnetic, physical, or even logical problem, HDRG is well-known for restoring data in as little as a few days after the problem occurs.

So, what happens if I have a tape backup and I need to recover or restore it?

If you’re in need of tape backup restoration or recovery, you should call Hard Drive Recovery Group immediately. Our experience as a tape recovery service is unsurpassed, and we can help you regardless of whether you have a single tape backup or hundreds of backups. We take great pride in our ability to save your most important files through data recovery, as well as our exceptional customer service, no matter how difficult or complex the situation appears to be to you at the time. Whether you’re a large corporation with a large network, a small business with only a few devices, or simply an individual with a personal computer, you can get in touch with us today to discover your best options.