How are you with your smartphone? Are you having thoughts of jumping ship and joining the other side? We know, if you’re a solid Android fan, you may be thinking that the grass on the iPhone side looks greener. And if you’re an iPhone fan, you might wonder why it seems Android phone owners seem to always have a lot of fun. Well, wonder no more as we present to you which side wins on a number of factors we phone owners usually consider. Now we’re not exactly saying that you should change your phone and turn your back against everything you have believed and held dear to your heart for years. Let’s not be overdramatic and be guided with which smartphone is better in a number of factors. That way, if you consider one factor to be very important, you can then consider our comparison of the phones basing on that factor and think more about whether you indeed need to jump over the fence and changing your smartphone.

Are you particular about privacy?
For Android phone users, the topic of security is a definite waterloo. This is because Apple phones undoubtedly offer better security, particularly when it comes to the privacy of the data stored on your phone. When it comes to personal data, Apple does not sell yours to clients of their advertising platform iAds, unlike Google, which has Google ads that has clients that consume the data collected from us, unsuspecting Android users. Thus, if you are an Android user, you may already be a bit used to using one app and seeing ads about it on other apps. For example, you used a food delivery app on your Android smartphone, chances are, especially if you didn’t proceed with the order, you will have your social media apps bombard you with ads of food and convenient food delivery. So, on this front, if you want to get rid of pesky and creepy ads following you around while you use your phone, switching to an iPhone is highly recommended.

Apple doesn’t release its source code to app developers, and the owners of iPhones and iPads can’t modify the code on their phones themselves. This makes it more difficult for hackers to find vulnerabilities on iOS-powered devices.

Are you a budget-conscious smartphone user?
We may not admit that we a bunch of penny-pinching consumers, but we certainly will not refuse anything that has good quality and free. I mean, given the same product, why would you want to surrender your money when you can have it for free? In a good number of offers, you can have an Android phone for free, to be provided by your generous mobile telco provider. On the other hand, iPhones come with a hefty price tag, at $399 is the least you’d need to shell out for an iPhone SE. But do not take this at face value: some Android phones can also cause a dent in your wallet. we’re just saying that if you are particular about how much your phone costs because that’s the defining factor for you (they’re just phones, anyway), then go for an Android unit. But take note that those free phones may not have all the features high-end Android phones and iPhones have.

Apple nickels and dimes you for everything. With the iPhone 12, Apple won’t include headphones in the box anymore. Seriously, Apple? You can’t throw in a pair of headphones when someone buys an $1100 phone? Nope. They want you to spend another $150 on AirPods. Ridiculous.

How about resale value?
If you’re the type of person who looks into the future and considers what your gadget will be worth three or five or even ten years from now, normal wear and tear including, then the iPhone is at a definite advantage. Resale value is also a crucial factor for those who want to keep updating their phones to the newest possible model all the time. And on this front, older iPhones are still more expensive than their Android counterparts. If you’re not convinced, try looking at phone reselling sites like Gazelle to see how much Android and iPhone are contemporaries cost.

Part of the reason for Apple’s smartphone holding its value for so long might be because it releases new iPhone technology just once a year. That means an iPhone shopper has the very best Apple technology possible, within their chosen price tier, for a full year before it is surpassed by the new model.

Are you keen on getting the best support?
After-purchase service is another factor that a lot of us are particular with. For those of us who are very needy and feel the need for guidance in every activity you conduct with your phone, Apple offers way better support than Android. That is because Apple has made access to their phones quite exclusive, which may be elitist for some, but for others quite reassuring, because at least you know that you will get the best support from any Apple Store when your time of need comes. On the other hand, you may ask for help from the store where you bought your phone or its manufacturer, but the lack of a central source of Android support can make you think that the level of expertise of these different support sources may not be similar with each other. But this just off the presses: It may be that Samsung phone owners are happier?

“Where things start to get interesting, however, is the cell phone space,” he went on. “Let’s just say the iPhone is no longer the apple of the consumer’s eye.”


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